Arsenal’s Wilshere Accused Of Betting On The Olympiakos Match


Arsenal’s injured midfielder Jack Wilshere is under heat after he supposedly placed a bet on the Gunner’s clear defeat against Olympiakos Piraeus in the Champions League group stage.

Wilshere posted before the game on his Twitter page that he would risk a wager on Frimpong to score

‘Champions league tonight come on the Arsenal! @Frimpong26AFC 1st goal is 150-1… worth a cheeky £10 right?’

After the midfielder nearly missed the target Jack Tweeted again:

‘Frimmy nearly won me some money there!’

An UEFA spokesperson reacted to this just to remind Jack which are UEFA’s regulations:

‘All persons bound by UEFA’s rules must refrain from any behaviour that could damage the integrity of matches and competitions.

‘A breach of these principles is committed by anyone who participates directly or indirectly in betting or who has a financial interest in such activities.’

And after that Wilshere defended himself Tweeting:

‘I didn’t actually bet on the game. I know we’re not allowed to! I was only messing #justtobeclear’

If UEFA will investigate this Wilshere risks a big suspension if he is found guilty of placing a bet on the Olympiakos match.

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