Bayern Munich Looking To Highjack Arsenal’s Top Deal

With the transfer window now fast approaching the end, rumours have it that German giants Bayern Munich have now set eyes on one of Arsenal’s most precious targets and are going to battle the English club for his signature.

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger admitted interest in Ajax’s player Jan Vertonghen a long time ago and everybody was expecting the Gunners to be the first to feed on the opportunity to transfer the 23-year-old Belgian.

Vertonghen is a very prized possession being able to play as a defensive midfielder, position he covers for the Belgian national squad, as a central defender, role he plays for Ajax, and as a left-back in case he’s needed, all positions on which Wenger wouldn’t mind improving on.

With Frimpong now gone on loan to Wolverhampton and with Coquelin as the single replacement for first teamer Alex Song, the transfer of Vertonghen seems like the wise thing to do for the French manager who will have to attempt to get Arsenal back in form.

The bad part about Vertonghen is that he already made his appearance in the Champions League for Ajax so will be unavailable, but the good thing is that Wenger will be able to keep Song fresh for the very important fixtures against Milan.

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13 thoughts on “Bayern Munich Looking To Highjack Arsenal’s Top Deal

  1. Wenger only sees future ȋ̝̊̅ŋ those guys, & loves Speculations α̲̅ lot!!! It will be nice if Wenger Can bring the Young Man to Emirate………..

  2. If Beyer want him then let then have him.arsen wenger never one day serous about sth.if the final wistle heard never claugh your hand for arsenal.

  3. He wnt buy,he does not care about out our feelings. At the end of the season he wil go to one of his numerous vocation leavin us in pains

  4. Arsene is just a businessman, nothing more! He doesn’t wish this club any good – experienced as he is, he knows pretty well that the only way out is to buy a defender and one striker in case something happens to RVP. AW breaks my heart season in season out!

  5. pls enough of all this remourrs about arse buying or not.Wenger ‘ll never buy any player

  6. It is time to ask this crucial question from ourselves, who is stingy in the transfer market, Wenger or the Board? I am tired of unrest whenever my dear club is playing.

  7. We should put sqillachi, chamakh, djourou, flappyhandski n alunia on sale on eBay like juventus did amauri

  8. AW only looks at how much bonus Stan will pay him at the end of the season n not ready to improve the team. Stan also has NO vision for the club, Fans in England should force them out!

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