Benayoun – Frimpong and Coquelin were excellent


Arsenal’s attacking midfielder Yossy Benayoun praised the much younger defensive midfielders at Arsenal Frimpong and Coquelin for their excellent football display in the game against Manchester City. The two managed to annihilate almost every Manchester City threat even though they are still young and have a lot to learn.

“Frimpong played with a lot of confidence and spirit,” Benayoun told

“Also, he had a partner like Francis [Coquelin] in midfield who was very good for him and they controlled it.”

“Manchester City have a lot of quality players and they did a great job. In the end we were unlucky.”

“I think in the Carling Cup games you see a lot of young players coming in, doing their best and I think a few of them showed that they have a bright future for Arsenal.”

“Man City didn’t play better than us but in the end we made a mistake from our corner,” he added. “They have the players with a lot of quality to win the game.”

“We wanted to win, sometimes you get excited. We wanted to win the game and we were controlling the game. There was a corner, we forgot to defend and they scored – it was a shame.”

The Carling Cup game was a win from this point of view. Frimpong and Coquelin played a great match, and one of the best players on the field was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who managed to stun everybody with his excellent football display and with the progress he managed to make.

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