Chamberlain – The English senior squad is not my priority now

Arsenal’s new wonderkid Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain spoke a bit about himself to the club’s official website. It seems that the player is not yet interested to hear the rumours about him joining the England senior national squad to next year’s EURO 2012 because he still wants to concentrate to get into the first team at Arsenal.

“I do not look too much into that because at the moment it has not happened,” he said. “I am not in the senior squad, I am in the Under-21s and the way I see it is that we go away in February and that is my focus.”

“I have a lot of impressing to do at Arsenal before I think about going away with England in the summer.”

“But if people are saying that, it is quite flattering to know you are being considered. My focus, though, is here at Arsenal, trying to get into the squad.”

“People are going to immediately compare me to Theo,” he admitted. “We came to Arsenal at a similar age, in similar positions, so it is an easy comparison to make.”

“We are completely different players though. Theo is more of a winger or a striker, whereas I have always grown up as an attacking midfielder, who has later gone out wide.”

“There are a lot of differences but at the same time Theo is a great player so for me to be compared to him is good.”

Chamberlain managed to impress everybody after only a short time spent at Arsenal. If he will continue to play like that he will surely have a great chance of becoming a regular part of the first team and why not the senior national team as well. The future of the team with Wilshere and Chamberlain in the midfield seems very bright, and Wenger’s hard work might be paying out soon.

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