Come on Bendtner Pick a Club and leave Arsenal alone

Nicklas Bendtner once said that he would never play for Arsenal again, feeling that he had been poorly treated by the club. Well that is just fine with us Nick, but it would make more of a moral stand if you actually tried to get another permanent club rather than just collecting your wages from the club you seem to dislike so much.

According to The Mirror, Arsenal have agreed transfer terms with five clubs, including the Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt, who managed to grab a Europa League place for next season and want to push on after surprising many last season in their return to the top flight.

What is Bendtner really looking for in a club? If he is hoping for somebody to match the wages of around £50,000 a week he gets at Arsenal, we will be stuck with him until his contract runs out in two years. I have got a feeling that he will collect those wages for as long as he possibly can, perhaps waiting until just before the start of the new season before agreeing a move.

Bendtner probably thinks that he will be doing these clubs a favour by agreeing to play for them, but he may be in for a surprise.

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