Djourou – Arsenal need to return to our best to beat Chelsea


Chelsea have a massive game against Barcelona in tonight’s Champions League semi-final and then have to face Arsenal at the Emirates this coming weekend, but Johann Djourou says that the Gunners can’t just assume that Chelsea will be tired and take it easy against Arsenal.

He said: “They still want to have Champions League football next season as well so we know it is going to be a tough game,”

“Obviously they have a lot of fixtures, the two Barcelona games are [either side of Saturday’s derby] but we don’t really concentrate on that. We have to be focused on our game and be focused on what we do best.

“We need to play football the way we did against Manchester City and Wolves, that is the sort of situation we have to get back into. We have to show that again. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case against Wigan but we have to be sure it is there on Saturday.”

Arsenal are still favourites for the Third Champions League spot ahead of this weekends game, and Djourou knows that another win will be a massive step to cement their place in that position.

“Of course we are and we would rather be in that situation,” he said. “It was a disappointing result, we know that, and now we have to dig in and just go forward because Saturday is around the corner and we have to make sure we are ready for that.”

I know that there are still a few games after this one against Chelsea, but this one is really a cup final as it could put our neighbours out of the race for Third Place and take us one step closer to safety…..

6 thoughts on “Djourou – Arsenal need to return to our best to beat Chelsea

  1. I’m not in any way surprised at the Wigan result. Historically, Arsenal have always lost games where victory was virtually guaranteed and won when all the odds were against them.
    Against Chelsea we will see a different Arsenal when one or two incoming reserve players will shine and the whole team will gel in a totally changed way to the Wigan game.
    In our Club’s proud history it has always been that way.

    1. This man Dnjourou needs to style up! I personally consider him a complete misfit and a liability to Arsenal! What with his infantile and reckless defensive theatrics always costing us dearly? Biased? Me think no-most comments I hear are along these lines-yet inexplicably Wenger seems to believe in Djourou!

  2. Returning to our best is a good idea so djourou returning to the bench is very likely. if arteta is out and diaby and coquelin are fit both would be in my 18

  3. Djourou all well and good you saying we need to concentrate on the chelsea game. Shame you wernt on Monday against Wigan. Shocking defending AGAIN by you.
    and what is it with you that you have to follow Vermaelen all the time, youu need to concentrate on your game.

  4. Return DJ and Santos to the bench and we can return to some sort of defence shape, neither are premiership players. Perhaps Diably will grace us with 15 minutes this week for his 65,000 a week.

    Nice work if you can get it

  5. I still scratch my head as to how wenger chose santos over enrique. also anyone who thinks that djourou signing a contract should deflect us from going for vertonghen must have serious issues. for me we must get vertonghen it could be the deciding factor for eden hazard when choosing where to go. to have his countrymen vertonghen and vermaelen who is also his cousin as well as gervinho his mate could well mean more than a few grand. in addition to vertonghen we must sign another experienced left back as neither gibbs nor santos are fit enough. i would also look to sign another experienced right back. i have nothing against jenkinson but with his recent injury and his age we are lacking in that area too. I would also think the goalkeeping situation needs recreshing
    GK szcesney martinez weise or adler and butland or speiss
    RB sagna jenkinson and van der weil or isla
    CB mertesacker vertonghen koscielny vermaelen djourou bartley or miquel
    LB santos gibbs and baines or enrique

    4 of the 25 man squad would need to make way for those 5 signings squillaci almunia fabianski and mannone would be my 4 we could also then sell or release botelho hoyte brislen-hall shea and mcdermott to allow martinez charles-cook bellerin meade angha monteiro to cement their places in the reserves.

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