Djourou – Wenger doesn’t deserve it

Arsenal’s centre-back Johan Djourou seems to think that all the criticism targeted at Wenger at the start of the campaign was uncalled for and that the manager’s philosophy is what took the club to the current level. According to the Swiss defender Manchester City is not the example people should follow, but Arsenal.

“He doesn’t deserve it. Maybe we wouldn’t be here if he had another philosophy.

“If he was going to buy £20m players in every position then we wouldn’t be here. It’s a philosophy that’s been great and we have to repay him for that.

“We want to do that on the pitch and we’re going to try and win that silverware now.”

“We came so close in the Carling Cup last season. If we’d won that then I believe there would have been a lot of glory after that.

“I’m saying that now, but there’s no real point in saying it. It was a factor that was very important.

“We hadn’t won for a long time, we hadn’t been in a final since the Carling Cup against Chelsea or the Champions League before that. It was a long time without being in a final and we were so close to winning it as well.

“It was a big disappointment. Then we play Barcelona (in the Champions League), we lose that and then we’re out. Then we lose to Man United and we’re out of the FA Cup. Then we just had the league.

“It was too many disappointments in too short a space of time and I think it was too much for the team to take.”

In all fairness the lad’s right. Manchester City brought world class footballers for every position possible starting with the goalkeeper, the bench and even the club management, but that doesn’t seem to take them quite as far as they would have liked. They still have problems in the Champions League even if they’re not doing bad at all in the Premiership.

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One thought on “Djourou – Wenger doesn’t deserve it

  1. depends on what you are judging wenger on. If the assessment was based on the cost for producing a top6 team then maybe wenger deserves the praise. If you exclude the high cost of assembling a trophy winning team and just accept all clubs have a choice on how thy run their business, then wengers 6 barren season run is nothing to give credit for….In fact a players like cesc nasri and now RVP are pulling arsenal way above their level.
    Not all fans will criticize wenger just because he hasnt delivered in 6 seasons..its more the manner in which we have failed and some of the players he has wasted money on.
    Also if we fail to qualify for the champs league next season then all his cost cutting would have meant little since the 20-30 million pound loss of revenue by not being in the champs league would show the false economy his bargain buys have resulted in.

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