Is Arsenal star fooling himself about big games?

Jack Wilshere is renowned for showing passion for Arsenal Football Club on and off the pitch but this time around I think a few fans may start to question whether he is wise in everything he says.

Arsenal endured defeat to Stoke City at the weekend whilst Chelsea won, making the gap for first now four points away. The Gunners will slip further if Liverpool keep up their winning ways and Manchester City win their two games in hand, which is unfortunately a likely occurrence.

Without sounding too pessimistic, our title challenge hangs by a thread which is such a shock considering our dominance at the top of the league for so many consecutive months. I suppose we really have faltered against the big teams like everyone expected us to and although it is still a shock that we were ever in the position that we were in, many believe that it will unfortunately be 10 years without a league title. However that isn’t the opinion of Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere who persisted to keep up Arsenal’s title talk after the result against Stoke City.

Wilshere was reported by The Mirror saying, “The good thing is that this month we play all the teams at the top. If we win those games, we can be up there. We’ve got to keep going to the end. Anything can happen in this league as you’ve seen this weekend and in previous weeks.”

It’s nice to see we have some stronger believers in the team however I cannot help but see that it is probably being dangled with a touch of hope as well. Arsenal find it difficult enough to beat the big teams when on form so if we come away in a strong position after the period of tough games then you could almost say we fully deserve to be strong title contenders.

The strange thing is is that with Tottenham our next big team in the League to face, we could rebuild our season in similar circumstances to last year, which saw us go undefeated for the remainder of the season. Hopefully a repeat will be awaiting after attaining a positive result against Spurs, but first up an important FA Cup match awaits against Everton.

You have to feel, though, that even an undefeated run in the league will not be enough. Arsenal need to beat either Chelsea or City, possibly both, and that is a very tall order indeed Jack.

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One thought on “Is Arsenal star fooling himself about big games?

  1. Well if we can beat those top teams the Title could indeed be ours. But with the unbalanced squad Wenger has gathered plus (and in contrast to other teams) his almost complete lack of variable tactics ….. those still thinking we can win anything are taking a big leap of faith.

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