Lewandowski proved why Arsenal should sign him up!

Arsenal were linked with a whole host of players over the course of the summer including several strikers. This included the likes of Wayne Rooney and Luis Suarez, which according to reports over the summer were deals that Arsenal would have been capable of pulling off. The Gunners were also linked with Karim Benzema, a former teammate of current Arsenal starlet Mesut Ozil, but that was another move that never materialised.

One man that seemingly managed to escape Arsene Wenger’s eyeline is Borussia Dortmund and Polish international striker Robert Lewandowski; however after a good game against Arsenal in midweek, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the clubs interest pick up in the near future.

Arsenal were punished by Lewandowski, who scored the German’s winning goal in a 2-1 win, proving again that he is calm under pressure and capable of an instinctive finish. The Polish international has scored 84 goals in 184 appearances with Dortmund, but with his contract coming to an end this summer, he has already stated he will be looking for a different challenge. Arguably the best move to make would be a transfer to the Premier League, widely suggested to be the world’s greatest league. There have been suggestions of United and Chelsea in the past, however after visiting the Emirates, Lewandowski could have his eye on the Gunners!

Lewandowski then confirmed that he would one day like to play in the Premier League: “I will be able to sign a contract (with any club) in January, but I have never said that I will sign a contract with Bayern, it was a misunderstanding. One day I would like to play in the Premier League. It would be a great experience.”

Lewandowski certainly would be a fantastic addition and would definitely allow the club to have the world class striker it’s crying out for. However with massive clubs like United, Chelsea as well as notably Bayern Munich, we may struggle to secure the striker if it’s all about finances, but then again, say we win a trophy this season, then that opinion and difficulty may soon change in regard to Lewandowski and the position in relation to Arsenal

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One thought on “Lewandowski proved why Arsenal should sign him up!

  1. Well, we have a big “O” factor that our competitor don’t have it. Not in this world dude. We have the european best goal provider and (I think) world best playmaker today : MESUT OZIL. Every world class striker (you named it) will dream on his assist. Just ask Christiano Ronaldo. Yes, I’m talking about a full top form of The OZ who isn’t there yet. If Lewy smart enough to search around about where he’s goin’ to land, Emirates will be his perfect place.

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