Only ONE Arsenal player in the France squad! I thought we were a French team?

With so little time ahead now until this summer’s EURO 2012 will commence, we’re taking a trip around the teams which have Gunners in the line-up, and speak about their chances to make a name for themselves this year.

Unfortunately after selling Fabregas the Gunners are now without any player in the title holder’s squad, Spain, despite having Miquel and Arteta at the club.

Although there’s nobody in Spain’s squad, there should have been a few in France’s, but it seems that this got ruined for everybody. The French are in Group D with England, Ukraine and Sweden, one which might seem easy at a first look but it will surely prove to be anything but that. They are rated with a 2.75 odd of winning the group and look to be favorites to doing just so.

The Gunners should have had at least two first team players in the squad, but now Abou Diaby seems to be out of the running for good after more than a season of falling from one injury into another and spending exponentially more time playing on at home than on the pitch!

Another one missing, and a very important piece, is full-back Backary Sagna who unfortunately broke his leg for the second time this season and the injury won’t be fixed until after the EUROS.

The Gunners will still have Koscielny in the French squad, but the center-back has to fight against quite a few top defenders like Mexes or Rami, so his presence in the first team line-up is still in doubt.

Perhaps the Gunners will have one more to add to their list if Wenger will continue to pursue the transfer of Montpellier’s striker Olivier Giroud, one who has impressed at international level short after his debut. It will certainly be strange watching a France team with hardly any Arsenal players in it!

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8 thoughts on “Only ONE Arsenal player in the France squad! I thought we were a French team?

    1. Not true at all. They are all wonderful players but are being sidelined because of their injuries.

  1. @jack – If Sagna wasn’t injured he’d be first choice right back as usual. Diaby was always included but injuries have got the better of him. We sold Nasri and he will play. Apart from that we don’t actually have any french players.

  2. We’re known as a French team because the language in the dressing room is French. Some people think it’s because we have French players but we’ve never had a particularly high ratio of French players, though compared with other teams in the Premiership it may have seemed like we did.

    As for Koscielny, he made the squad so he IS a French player of ours at the Euro’s. Sagna is out because of Injury but is the first choice right back for his National Team.

  3. Well, let’s see, jack… There’s Squillaci, who’s been out of the national team since late June 2010 and spent most of this season injured or benched… There’s Diaby, who was (and is) injured for most of his quality time… There’s Sagna who’s just got his leg broken “accidentally”… There’s Coquelin who’s a regular for French U-21s, but, as far as I know, is fielded as a DM only, and that’s a locale where France has several players itching to play and with an xperience to match the demands… And finally, there’s Koscielny, who is both fit and a quality player. So, we have 5 Frenchmen in our squad, 2 being injured, one being out of shape, one being a U-21. This lack of quality is shocking!
    Seriously, Kos stands a rather good chance against Kaboul, Rami and Mexes. Don’t know much about the French-based defenders, but I don’t think they are better than those who play outside France. I saw OM, OL, Lille and PSG play and I wasn’t impressed by their defences.

    1. Is the montpeelier captain french? if so he should be in their squad he is awesome and very versatile. in fact just what we need

  4. and you are impressed by our defence? we have the french firts team right back, and Kos who is in the team and we shipped a an impressive 49 league goals, yes thats right 49, and 60+ for the whole season if anyone tells me our defence igood they must be having a bloody laugh.

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