Oxlade-Chamberlain defends Wenger’s decision-making


I have never seen such anger from Arsenal Blogs and fans directed at Arsene Wenger before (although he has made bad substitutions for years!).

Few people can understand why he replaced Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain with Andrei Arshavin yesterday, which could be directly surmised as the reason why Arsenal lost the game, but the youngster himself still supports Wenger’s decision.

“It’s the boss’ decision at the end of the day,” Oxlade-Chamberlain said. “He is the boss and he’s a top quality manager, you’ve seen how many years he’s been at Arsenal and all the great decisions he’s made, so whatever the decision is I will respect him.

“It’s always nice when the fans are on your side, you’ve just got to keep going out there each week and try to please them and do as well as you can for the team and the manager.”

Despite Arsenal losing their third game in row, Oxlade-Chamberlain issued a rallying call and says the team can learn from these errors: “We go out to win every game.” he said. “So when we don’t it’s obviously a blow to the team but all we can do is keep coming back and try and push on from disappointing results like this. I think it can only make us stronger.

“We’ve got to learn some lessons from the mistakes that we make but that’s all part of making a good team.

“There is always confidence. This is Arsenal football club. We’ve got some absolutely top quality players who are capable of all sorts of things.

“I think we just need to stick together as a team now and come out of this sticky patch and come out of it better.”

Very wise words from the 18 year-old and his loyalty to Wenger should be commended, but the fact is that it will be some time before the Arsenal fans will forgive the manager for yesterday’s mistake….

32 thoughts on “Oxlade-Chamberlain defends Wenger’s decision-making

  1. Wenger you are a disgrace all arsenal fans.Please what is arshavin still doing in our dear team?He as been a problem in all our games,mr idiot please sell mr rubbish u both nd buy better players nd stop using ur stupid policy to affect our team

  2. Its not even about yesterdays sub but why Arshavin, Aluminia, Djorou, Squillaci, Benthner, Denilson, Charmack, Diaby, Mannone and Fabianski are still Arsenal players? They add absolutely nothing to the team instead they cause the team to loss winable games and Wenger never learn He stick with these midocres, sells the few good ones we have and He never replace them properly. Wenger should ried of these midocres, buy class players and also give the young players chances to prove themselves.

  3. Well said Ox I like how you stand up for our manager. I think you will be a brilliant player one day and understand that you have to keep your nose clean but enough is enough. As an Arsenal fan I think Wenger needs to get top quality players and get rid of the deadwood. It is because of the deadwood our 1st team is overtired and get injured. How can you give our players a break and make use of deadwood…no, this comes down to bad mangement decisions and not getting rid of them as they do not get used at all. I would love to get a salary for just pitching up at work and dusting my desk off every month. What a real waste of money and giving our youngsters a proper chance. Wenger is outdated, thanks for everything and no thanks for calling it a day. We need a fresh and young approach to manage our team. Wenger can do the book-keeping if he wants to stay. I said it before, to be able to play with the stars you have to buy super players and have proper depth to rotate. I know van Persie will be leaving us and so will Song and eventually the deadwood will rule just like Wenger.

    1. i think we just need to do an uprising on Mr Wenger for him to get it that as funs we demand success not failure,can u imagine the guy telling u how asharvin,s getting on the pitch was becoz he’s a captain! has’t he been acaptain for all the time he’s failed at arsenal?

  4. his youth program is down the drain and he don’t want to admit it and the fact that he’s no longer the manager he used to be…he’s so expired… He’s backing players that are no longer effective…what a bad choice.

    1. The problem is with the experienced players arsh’ squid , djourou , Walcott even mertersacker should be back up as we should have got Cahill , look at the youth Wiltshire we miss him badly ox arsenal’s man of the match & been begging for him to all season yennairis is looking good , it’s these useless players that should although Walcott has never played upfront where he was brought for & use he’s speed to better effect with RVP just behind bring back 442 for the premiership.

  5. First off, I agree Wenger made the wrong call with subbing the Kid but we have to lay off Wenger. We were all against him for buying another kid and for the money he paid for The Ox, we were calling him stupid for spending that kind of money on another “prospect”. Now we crying because he substituted the same kid. Let him make the decisions. Right or Wrong.

  6. the problem is wenger,nothing else.he used to be a good manager but now its time for him to rest.idiot….

  7. Wenger is not a problem but problems that Arsenal face nowadays , Buy Players or leave my Lovely Team plz! u’ll get nothing with your Arshavins money are there and players are waiting for u’r call! so buy or leave!

  8. Shut up u fairweather mugs & support the fu*kin team – stop plucking management philosophies out of your arses! Know your place – did you maanage the team & turn players into world beaters, instil a footballing style & philosophy & build the Emirates & nearly be quids in???

    No so just get behind the team – the deadwood will go when the summer comes & prices are not inlated for over-rated players!

    In Arsene we trust!!!!!!!!!!

  9. it is such a pity. The same fools that attacked wenger 4 buying a roockie 17 year chamberlain are the same people castigating him for substituting the same player in a big match for an experienced arshavin. Van persie missed a great chance to make it two y dnt u make noise abt it too? GUNNER4LYF

  10. Wenger u always kill d team.even lay man can’t did dat change.and u are expecting v.p 2 sighn new contract wt dis ur bad behaviour.u are man wenger.u could av even put benayou instead of useless ashaven dat can’t see.

  11. U are stupid ‘truegooner’ in arsene u trust?! When was the last time he turned anyone into a world beater? Its pple like u that hold on to past glory until u bcom outdated and left behind by the world. The truth is… Wenger has outlived his usefulness… He doesnt know anymore… Ofcourse he will have his lucky moments from time to time if he stays on but… The sooner he walks away, the beta, SO SHUT UP!

  12. let us hope the manager will change and do the right thing, pls my ko die heard arsenal fan, stop posting insultives wolds on the manager, you can express ypur anger in a decent maner, let us give him some respect, he has done a lot for this club, giving us something out of nothing, the EMIRATE stadium alone is a great achivment for the club in which he is the originator of this achivement. Am also disapointed at the way the team is now, but we still need to give him the respect he dicerves, ple my faithful arsenal fan, let us get behind the team, things will soon change for the better.

  13. Arsene wenger brain is detorating for what he did yesterday,do away with deadwood players + wenger.fans are saying give us something to smile and respect our feeling too.

  14. Wrnger will be back with a strong squad soon. I think next year will be a great year for arsenal just keep the faith in the boss.

  15. I have been a Gunner for the last 6 plus years and despite the defeats, the tags of also rans, or even the scroogieness of Wenger, somehow I have never felt to change sides.. and this match changes nothing. Probably its a bad year for gunners, maybe humiliating, but guys, true fans agree when they are beaten, smile when others poke fun at them and hope our team does better another day. We can only put trust in our players. No use hoping for others players for big cash, then we wont be any different than a ManC fan or a PSG fan..We need the players who want to be at Arsenal because they love it, else it will be a Cesc story in the making all over again. Like SAF said, despite all the injuries he believes in what he has got. Arsene also says the same thing and we should be behind our team, win or lose. Trophies or no trophies..

  16. Arshavin isn’t strange to show amasing bad performance. But wenger’s historical fualt to take off AOC. Another, l don’t know why wenger give chances to Ramsey who do nothing but killing the team. I am in doubt with Arsene.

  17. Wenger ĩѕ not ╤ƕǎ̜̣̍ţ competent thas ĩѕ why ћε can’t made A̶̲̅ decision by him self, leave this Board if they αȓѯ not ready ╤๏ dance ╤๏ U̶̲̥̅̊ r̶̲̥̅̊ tone åŋ∂ ƖΦ๏ƙ ғΦȓ another club, tha ĩѕ why ĩѕ making such A̶̲̅ big mistake ƍғ ╤ƕǎ̜̣̍ţ in yesterday match OX ĩѕ not ƭћℓ right sub in ƭћℓ match ßμ̥t wenger ∂ĩ∂ ƭћℓ worst mistake ƍғ his life well ћε has done ĩτ before 2005/2006 season CL final against Barca ╤ƕǎ̜̣̍ţ ћε removed. Fabregas ғΦȓ Flamini åŋ∂ 5 minutes later Barca equalize åŋ∂ still win ƭћℓ Game. Why Wenger? Wenger Why?

  18. Kronke is the main prlm at arsenal let fans focus on hw 2 remove hm n hand da club 2 usmanov he wl lead da club 2 glory.

  19. Mr wenger should pls 4God sake offload d unscripulous players out of our great ARSENAL CLUB.gunners 4life.

  20. Blame it all on Wenger…this happens if you leave it for last with the previous transfer period , esp to replace Fabregas and Nasri…if we had decent replacements…respect to Arteta who is doing a decent job, but we needed a real playmaker and someone who is’nt shy to take decent/ accurate shots at goal from outside a box to make goalkeepers work and maybe get rebounds for van Persie to latch on to. Secondly a striker who’s able to take on defenders, looks like Ox the young man, can step up to that plate on a regular basis and sit out arsh or wallnut.

  21. Arsenal is my best team so far nd wenger is my best coach. I luv wenger bc i like to brout a new bon player since d day i sin for arsenal in 1999. Bt now d fat is dis wenger beud d ply nd wenger soced by duen dat bt nower days d football is more dan dat. U will brout d ply as a good coach nd u will buy d ply as a winner. GUNNER’SLYF

  22. I don’t want 2 see arshavin, diaby, gibbs, squilashi, djorou, almunia. Ever put on an arsenal shirt again. All of dem 2gether wont even get us up 20 m. Give.

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