Podolski – My future has yet to be decided


Arsenal’s chase for German striker Lukas Podolski might not be on the road to success after all judging from the last statement the Koln hitman made yesterday.

According to the Italian press, the striker declared that he wouldn’t mid joining his conational striker Miroslav Klose in Roma playing for Lazio. Klose has joined the Italians in the summer and he seems to have settled in very well. The two strikers were also teammates at Bayern Munich when Podolski was playing for the Bavarian side.

“It would be great to play alongside him again. Miro has spoken well of Lazio and he’s happy in Rome,” Podolski said.

“But my future has yet to be decided.”

Wenger spoke very highly about the German international and admitted that talks are being made for his transfer, but according to the Frenchman’s last statement regarding Podolski from a couple of weeks ago, the talks are still nowhere close to an end and it will still be a few weeks before any decision will be taken.

Wenger’s trying to avoid incidents like the one from last summer when the Gunners left the outgoings of Nasri and Fabregas uncovered because of the late nature of the transfers. Do you think Podolski will finally join?

16 thoughts on “Podolski – My future has yet to be decided

  1. yawn!
    we already have strikers all wenger needs to do is give them a run and see how they will perform.
    i am talking about park and afobe. chasing a player who’s not sure and has history of homesickness and bottling on big stage is a huge gamble.
    the buy buy brigade need to ask themselves if we really need this primadonna. gervinho will shine in his second season, ryo and ox will also step up. what we badly lack in the team is cesc’s replacement as rosicky cannot play every week and ramsey is still inconsistent.

    1. Sam, this is Lukas Podolski, 6th highest scorer of all time for the German national team, probably will end his career in 3rd place. He has played in two World Cup semi-finals and a Euro final for Germany. You must be talking about someone else if you’re comparing him with Park or Afobe. I totally disagree with you.

    2. OX and Gervinho are played as wingers. we only have Van Persie who can play out and out striker. Chamack and Bendtner (personall I prefer Aneke over Afobe) will be gone next season leaving room for another striker. I believe added pressure will come from Van Persie leaving should Arsene fail to secure a proven performer (I don’t know about this bottling on the big stage business??). True we need a Cesc replacement – Wilshere and Diaby are still out but I agree in principle. The problem is with both Striker and Midfield Creator – Arsen e won’t spend the money necessary to secure them. If that puts me in the Spend Brigade then so be it. Arsene needs to spend!!!!!

  2. Its important for arseno,still now arseno was depend on only one bravr like van so let not happen if he get injury whats wenger option?

  3. I believe he will sign, may be Arsenal is delaying or Podoski wants more money. Again he may have talked about Lazio to force Arsenal to hasten up

  4. I like podoski as a player and want him to join gunners, but if he is talking too much, the ball is in his hand to decide.

  5. @charlie

    you have to disagree because you want to see new signings and arsenal want him because he’s cheap. thats why you are not thinking about the risks.
    if he signs he’s most welcome and deserves another chance, we are all desperate for improve but cheap players have cost dearly.
    this guy went back to cologne coz he failed to settle at bayern what makes you so sure he will settle in london?

    1. @sam, when Podolski transferred to Bayern he was only young (around 19 or 20 years old) and was far down the pecking order because at the time Luca Toni and Miroslav Klose were in top form. He went back to Cologne to pick himself up. He is now 6-7 years older than he was when he first signed for bayern and is a far better player. He is in the German starting XI and has a brilliant goal-scoring record internationally and for Cologne, not to mention the fact that he is Cologne’s leader on the pitch. I think he has more than enough good qualities to succeed at Arsenal.

      Are you kidding about Ramsey, the lad is a very good player for his age and could have been much better had he not suffered from his long-term injury. Give him time!

  6. I wish all gunners best luck during everton game the boyz must do us proud again!!!!

  7. @fresh
    arsenal will never sell afobe and aneke. the only thing wenger can do is send them out on loan again. he can also bite the bullet and promote them.well chamakh and ramsey can step aside

  8. i dont know why all of you are fighting over an issue that is yet to be confirmed by the club?
    it u guys that report that arsenal have signed him and now you say he hasnt been signed. do you sign players in march?
    and if hes not coming, is he the only striker available?
    as far as im conserned, i want player that realy love to play for us not players that will blackmail us by fleting with another club. player who only want to be a gunner ,and nothing more.

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