Podolski needs to start fighting for his place at Arsenal… or just go!

The German international Lukas Podolski has been constantly complaining about his lack of playing time at Arsenal, and he has been openly angling to be allowed to leave the Emirates in January, with Inter Milan being the latest club reported to be keen on taking him off our hands.

Arsenal fans are well aware of his excellent scoring record when he is given a chance, but the fact is that Arsene Wenger sees him in action in training every day, and obviously thinks that there are better players in the squad that deserve to play ahead of the German when everyone is fit.

Another German legend, Lothar Matthaus, thinks that Podolski should stop complaining and start doing his best to persuade Wenger to pick him on merit rather than moaning about the situation.

Matthaus said on FoxSports: “What Podolski seeks is not important, what matters is what Arsenal want. There he has a contract to fulfill.

“In Bayern, he fled. The only club where he was a regular player was at Koln. You cannot always blame others if things go wrong. There are just others that are better.”

Having said that I do believe that Wenger will let Podolski go, as he this week said that the German has better team-mates ahead in the pecking order. When asked if the 29 year-old could be leaving next month, Wenger said: “No there is nothing concrete there.

“At the moment nobody goes out. We have Ozil coming back now at the beginning of January, so of course there is a lot of competition up front.”

Podolski can¡t get a game even when Ozil is out injured, so he will have even less chance in the second half of the season. Perhaps it would be better for all concerned if he does leave?

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