Rooney to Arsenal? Pull the other one!

Wayne Rooney and Arsenal? No, it doesn’t even sound right. I’m not saying that Rooney isn’t a good player or that he wouldn’t do well at the Emirates. It could even be good for Rooney, working with the calmer Wenger in a different kind of system, but it is just never going to happen.

The rumour hit the internet today via, the bastion of unconfirmed reports, un-named `sources` and unbelievable suggestions. Apparently, both Arsenal and Chelsea immediately registered their interest as soon as they heard that Rooney wanted to leave Old Trafford.

Firstly, United do not need to sell Rooney because he has a couple of years left on his contract. If they did sell him, he would not be cheap. Secondly, Rooney is not going to accept a huge wage cut. He currently trousers around £250,000 per week. That is well over double what the current highest paid player earns at the Emirates. That is not going to fit well into Arsene Wenger’s socialist wage structure. It would also give Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis heart attacks (hold on a minute, I think I may have spotted Wenger’s plan).

Seriously, though, Arsenal only offered van Persie about half that amount to stay with the club, so why on earth would Wenger think Rooney is worth more?

News just in! Elvis Presley will be the next head of the Arsenal academy and Peter Pan will take charge of the under-18s.

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3 thoughts on “Rooney to Arsenal? Pull the other one!

  1. Rooney needs a pay cut he is not worth 250K a week (actually no footballer is) but personally I think they are all over paid. When over 90% of the UK and US workers make less (if not far less) then that in a YEAR. And don’t give me their career is short BS yes and my job could end tomorrow also does that mean I should make in 5 years a life times income? they are NOT dead or unable to work just because they get too old to be a professional footballer. Way too much money wasted on sports if you ask me and Don’t get me wrong I love sports I just feel they money in vested and earned in wages is way out of hand at this point.

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