Samir Nasri – Arsenal need to learn to ‘Win Ugly’

The ex-Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri refused to sign a new contract at the Emirates last season and Arsene Wenger was forced to sell the French international to Manchester City for £24million in the summer.

Nasri has had trouble breaking into the City first team after some indifferent performances and has only actually played the whole 90 minutes for City nine times since his arrival, but still thinks he made the right decision to leave Arsenal and is now ready to show his best.

He said: “I never doubted I made the right choice in coming here and we’re top of the league and still on course for the Europa League too so I’m happy

“What Arsenal do doesn’t matter, it was just my choice. I don’t want Arsenal to fall down.

“I wanted them to win the FA Cup or something because I’ve respect for them.”

But he says that the reason the Gunner’s don’t win trophies is because of their failure to win if their ‘beautiful football’ doesn’t work.

Nasri continued: “It’s football. Sometimes it’s good to win ugly.

“You don’t always have to play good football to win.

“Arsenal play good football but after seven years they don’t win so that’s difficult for them but the manager has a good philosophy. I know they’ll find some solution.”

Surely it’s still important to play good football as well as winning Samir, and surely it’s better to actually be ON the pitch however the team plays!

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3 thoughts on “Samir Nasri – Arsenal need to learn to ‘Win Ugly’

  1. you are mad! i said it after all you’ve learn with arsenal beautiful football and betray arsenal and you know that his ideal cannot give you what you want you diceded to leave now you believe it is high time for you to teach the man who turned you to what you are. You are out of your mind you fool!

    1. I am not rooting for Nasri, but, if you would consider the situation objectively; in current Arsenal form and condition which is 7 years of trophy-less seasons, it would be understandable for a player to feel he got to move on with his carrier.

      To be a supporter of a football club would be to stick by it through highs and lows, but what is actually the risk of a football fan if the club he/she supports in such a bad form and does not see any sign of the it getting better.

      It’s different with the players, they have their short playing carrier to think of, to look through a professional perspective, not a fan perspective.

      Even in such bad condition, there are glory-monger fan who would jump ship.

      In conclusion, Nasri is simply not a fan of Arsenal FC, he is merely a professional football player. In contrast to Thierry Henry, Buffon, Batistuta and the sort.

  2. That advice should go to ur coah. as far as am concern, u are no longer part of this family. Up gunners.

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