Should Szczesny stay as Arsenal’s Number One?

Is Szczesny the right man to go with?

When Szczesny first made his debut in a premier league match at Old Trafford against Manchester United, many were expecting Arsenal to lose by a huge margin. Many thought fielding Szczesny will put huge pressure on him and cause him to crumble. However, he played a decent match and managed to make Wayne Rooney blast a penalty over the bar. That was when Szczesny announced his arrival to the footballing world.

From then on, Szczesny was seen as the undisputed no 1 for Arsenal, piping ahead of the far more experienced Lukasz Fabianski. However, it wasn’t all a bed of roses for Szczesny from there. He has put in a couple of strong performances but his low point came in the 2012-2013 season where he was dropped from the first eleven before the away victory to Bayern Munich. For the rest of the season, he watched from the bench as Arsenal fought to secure the fourth spot in the premier league.

Szczesny has come back well from this setback though. Wenger’s faith in him has put him to be Arsenal’s number one for the 2013-2014 season. He has repaid this faith with having a decent season. However, Szczesny has yet to prove he can perform on the biggest stage. Arsenal’s FA cup win was led by Fabianski in goal and Szczesny has yet to prove his worth as of yet.

Szczesny has shown in many instances he is capable of handling the pressure and I feel he should be the right man to bring us forward, even if Ospina arrives. What do you guys feel?

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2 thoughts on “Should Szczesny stay as Arsenal’s Number One?

  1. is he to start matches ? i bloody hope so .
    as of now hes the only one we have signed .
    for all the talk there is no confirmation of the completion of ospina. this should have happened by now .
    i still would like to see us go into this season with three top class keepers. bringing in casillas and playing them on a rotation basis,
    the amount of abuse their bodies have to go through it makes good sence
    casillas is available on a free transfer and wants to work with arsene . enough said .maybe there is some thing puma could do to help us with this .

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