Should Wenger Still Trust Diaby?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seems to trust French International Abou Diaby to make a full recovery and become a main man for the squad after spending a huge time away from the field.

Diaby claims that he feels excellent and that he is looking forward for the season to start, but will he be able to recover the form which earned him the switch to Arsenal and so many French call-ups?

“That makes me feel confident. It is always nice to have the confidence of the manager

“I’m fit now. I have been training since the beginning of pre-season and also did a rehabilitation session during my holidays, so now I feel great.”

“It is definitely important. I need to be fit to complete the season, so this is a crucial time.”

Wenger was also interested in M’Vila for a while, but stated last season that he is not looking to bring the French 21-year-old to London now that Diaby is fit. Is that a good choice?

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4 thoughts on “Should Wenger Still Trust Diaby?

  1. Should wenger have trusted van persie? He was a sick note just as long and came back better than ever. Diaby at least knows how the arsenal play. Hes been watching and training with the team, better a person who understands the style of play than someone whos alien to it.
    He looks good in pre season, lets not write him off before the season starts. That wont do anythin for his confidence

  2. When Arsene selects his team, I should think he pencils Diaby in first, PROVIDED he is fit. The guy can be a matchwinner for us at any time. Keep him away from thuggish creeps like Shawcross and Barton, neither of whom should be playing professional football, anyway.
    Anyone watching the Asian tour games would have seen the return to match fitness of Diaby is not far off. Yippee!!!!

  3. sometime i wonder where our senses are when we are responding to our artticles online,Football is contact sport,if Diaby doesn’t like contact in sport he should go for sports like Polo,chess,lawntennis,etc.He himself attacked foolishly,and he has cost us lots of time,against Newcastle twice,and Emmanuel E was later sacked when he caused a penalty during liverpool and Arsenal match Wenger complained he caused us the cup,but it was Diaby.Wenger is too trbalistic.

  4. @Olat,
    You’re getting mixed up with rugby. Football CAN be a contact sport but not deliberately so.
    Diaby’s problem was getting assaulted (not fouled) by a thug, very much like Eduardo and Ramsey. There is a difference, you know.

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