Wenger says Arsenal ready for serious push for Premier League

Arsenal fans are pretty happy with the summer transfer window so far, and we are expecting a few more quality signings before the window slams shut at the end of August. So there is no doubt that Arsenal will have a stronger squad than last season.

And the fact that the Gunners came so close last season, heading the BPL table for longer than any of our rivals until the crippling injuries finally took their toll in the latter stages, makes Arsene Wenger very confident about Arsenal’s chances in the coming season, as reported by The Mirror.

Arsenal stars believe Sanchez WILL make the difference!

There is a lot talked about the importance of confidence and belief in football. They are two things that have been somewhat lacking at Arsenal Football Club in recent years, although the team spirit and respect for Arsene Wenger have always been there.

More recently, however, we have seen the confidence come back into the Arsenal team, as we stopped having to sell our best players and started spending the sort of money that our rivals have been doing for years. You can look back to the away game against Bayern Munich, when Wenger and the players were under immense pressure before beating them and going on a great run to overhaul Spurs for the fourth Champions League place.

Wenger admits his “shock” at Arsenal being 2-0 down

Arsenal came back to earn a well-deserved FA Cup winners medal yesterday, but Arsene Wenger admitted that he was very worried when his team were 2-0 down after just nine minutes against a mid-table Hull side.

He said after the game: “We made a demonstration of how to respond to being 2-0 down, and a demonstration of how not to start a cup final!”

“I was shocked. We were a bit hesitant and you wonder if the shock would be too hard, but this team has a special spirit and a special togetherness to respond.”

Arsenal have NOT had a good season but will next time says star

There is a feeling going around Arsenal Football Club at the minute that we are one Wembley cup final away from completing a good season. Although the Gunners have finished in the same fourth place as last time, a win at Norwich on the final day will give us 79 points, which would have seen us finish second last year. And an FA cup to end the trophy drought will put a smile on every Gooner’s face.

But the Arsenal keeper is not content with this. Wojciech Szczesny was reported by Arsenal.com talking about this season and the regrets he has that Arsenal could not keep up the form that saw us in with the first realistic title challenge in years.

Arsenal have no excuses for BPL title failings says BFG

Per Mertesacker, after a very shaky first season, has grown into life at Arsenal and is now one of the Gunners’ most important and reliable players. The giant German international has also become like a captain without an armband, so when he talks, the other players listen, and our BFG is not letting his team mates use the excuse of injuries for their failure to keep up the challenge foe the Premier League title.

Wenger shows that Arsenal have little interest in FA Cup..

Many Arsenal fans would like Arsene Wenger to go all out to win this season’s FA Cup, as they would really like to win one trophy (Please! Pretty please!) in the very near future, and the Cup would be the one we have most chance of winning.

But Wenger clearly thinks that it is more of a hindrance than a target, and would prefer the later stages (like this weeks game) to be relegated to a midweek game so as not to interfere with the title race.

Rosicky Rocks! Ozil in high praise of Arsenal teammate!

When it comes to Arsenal, it’s not often that the Gunners are aided by the help of an experienced player, with in fact very few players over the age of 30 playing considerably under the reign of Arsene Wenger. However, slowly things seem to be changing from Arsene Wenger’s inexperienced bunch of schoolboys to the correct balance in youth and experience that has also seen raw talent mix with world class quality.

Is Hansen right to dismiss Arsenal Premier League challenge?

For Arsenal, it isn’t often that you will hear of a title challenge, they are about as rare as a positive article in the media about the club, but for once with the season almost rwo and a half months underway, Arsenal currently sit on top of the Premier League table, 2 points clear of both second and third place. Chelsea currently occupy 2nd, whilst Liverpool sit in 3rd and although Chelsea may have been expected to be in that position at this stage of the season, I don’t think anyone would have predicted Liverpool’s good run, just like not many would have predicted the extent of Arsenal’s ambition both on and off the pitch.

Arsenal should consider West Brom a warning not a stumble

Arsenal have been flying high in the Premier League so far this season because despite losing out to Aston Villa on the opening day of the season, the Gunners have turned it around to become one of the league’s most in form teams. In fact Arsenal’s performances so far this season have given real belief that Arsenal have the ability to come out on top this season ahead of everyone, rather than just the other half of North London. Winning the league is no mean feat and although the club’s top spot was thrown into doubt yesterday, with a difficult game against WBA; Arsenal managed to pull through with a well fought out draw.

Spanish star adds to Arsenal ambitions and confidence

Arsenal are gaining a real confidence boost this summer, with so many players coming out and stating the club’s ambition and the players’ own respective desires for the team to achieve greater things next season. We have already seen the likes of Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey come out and state their desires to regain glory at Arsenal after experiencing so many years of trophy hurt.

We have also seen last year’s summer signings Olivier Giroud and now Santi Cazorla tell their tales of Arsenal’s ambitious wishes. We know Cazorla isn’t lacking of confidence on the pitch and by the sound of his words he is confident off it as well, with the Spanish magician firmly believing Arsenal can improve and achieve greater things next year.