Even though the press is focusing all of its attention on Arsenal’s Robin Van Persie, the Dutchman is not the only top rated star who has refused to extend his contract, as Theo Walcott has also entered the last year of his contract with the Gunners.

The indecision hasn’t gone unnoticed as a host of clubs amongst which Chelsea, PSG and Juventus are believed to be hot on the winger’s trail, and if rumours are to be believed a transfer fee of £15million would  be enough to convince Arsenal’s officials to let Walcott go if the winger won’t agree to extend his contract with the club.

Everybody expected both Robin Van Persie and Walcott to sign new contracts as soon as they return from their Euro campaign, but the two stars have gone straight to holiday leaving the more important business for later in the summer.

Both Robin and Walcott are seemingly on their way out and their decisions are probably related to each other. If Robin will stay the speedy winger will surely take his example and continue with the Gunners, but in case the Dutchman leaves Wenger will surely be back to square one after the excellent transfers he’s made so far this summer. What do you think will happen?

18 thoughts on “Walcott On His Way Out?

  1. Waz up u reprimanded wenger to sign players n he has done,now wat do u need.VP N WALCOT the clud(arsenal) needs put ur signiture on paper

  2. In view of the fact that both players are on holiday after having been on international duty the talks are presumably on hold until their return, so what logic leads to you concluding that ‘Both Robin and Walcott are seemingly on their way out’. When have either RVP or Theo or AFC or Arsene Wenger ever said anything that leads you to conclude that they want to leave. As far as I am aware they haven’t, in fact just the opposite. Please can you back up your assertion with some facts, rather than media led unsubstantiated made up rumours. I suspect not. You are as bad as the media with your scaremongering.

    1. Agree with Mick … plenty out there doing a bad job of pretending to be journalists. In the absence of evidence to substantiate words (read allegation) like “who has refused to extend his contract” amounts to slander.

      I believe there are valid reasons why neither player/s nor management have come out with any statement … for better or for worse. Call me an optimist but I would not be surprised if their respective extensions have already been done and dusted … just waiting for the right time to be announced.

    2. i couldn’t say more than what you have said. some of arsenal fans are seriously hell bent and indeed help tabloids create all these nonsensical rumors. Whether these rumors turns out to be true, arsenal will forever remain.

  3. let’s re-group with some new blood.. cut out the deadwood and rejuvenate.. end seven years of drought with the next seven years of good harvest

  4. I think Walcott comes from too good a back ground with very high principles, reputable morals and a good sense of decency.

    From the month Walcott joined Arsenal much of this was highlighted and I’ve not forgotten it. It is this that springs foremost to mind when I see absurd speculation about Walcott. I don’t expect everybody to be as astute as myself when it comes to our players but I had hoped to hear somebody else show I’m not the only Arsenal fan who knows this.

    Bendtner and his father are equally decent people and neither Walcott and his father or Bendtner and his father will do anything shameful to Arsenal. We are not talking about Nasri’s and Flamini’s when it comes to these guys.

    In time everybody will find out what I already know. I’m not a fan of Walcott, but I’m not going to hear crap about him and believe it just because of this. As for Bendtner, I am a fan, and he out of the two is the most likely to leave – and with Arseanl’s best wishes. There will be no animosity.

  5. As I have written on several blogs Rvp has just bought a new house in hampstead after moving from Goffs oak he has just had it refurbished and enrolled his kids in new school so what makes anyone think he’s leaving ! Surely if he had made up his mind to leave why would he move house in the last couple of months wouldn’t he wait to move when he had found a new club ! As I can’t see him commuting between London and Italy , Manc land or Madrid I could be wrong but all of what I have said is check able and made up paper talk

  6. Strike up the band, bring on the dancing girls, let the season begin, we`ve all had enough of this wash house cackle.

  7. I think both Robin and Theo will stay. I don’t mind if Roin leaves as he approaches to his footballing age. I don’t see Theo is leaving. He is young and has ample time to decide if he really wants to leave. Then Theo is far from a finished footballer, at the moment i can’t find a better place than arsenal for Theo

  8. pls can arsen just let walcot GO, he does not whot 2 b called Arsenal player his level is 2 low anyway he surpose 2 be on bench or second team, bring in a deadly player like messi or even better like messi PLEASE!!!

  9. Hi, gunners we are approching a new season we should not let d mistake that happen last season to happen again winger and who so ever is incharge of transfer they should try and sign good player not bunch of rubbish.i believe proffessor winger,your gunners member from warri Delta state Nig,

  10. Felo gunars i which evryone guldmornin.rvp n watc hv nt said de ar leavin d club de both on holiday .i cant see eny sm one wl say watc is out or in.my own opinion stop postin erelivant news n wait 4 d newseason tankx gunars 4 life

  11. I think until theo and rvp have been sold or signed a new contract then bendtner chamakh vela park arshavin are going nowhere. in fact even if theo and rvp stay i would be quite happy to keep all our forward options. there is 4 attacking positions in the team if we play 4231 and i would like to see rosicky rvp podolski giroud walcott chamberlain gervinho bendtner park arshavin vela chamakh as our options for the 4 positions next season. however if we can get hoilett then i would allow either park arshavin or vela leave either permanently or on loan. watt campbell afobe and ryo can take a loan for another season. the 2 holding midfield roles can be contended by song arteta wilshire ramsey coquelin MVILA eisfeld frimpong. lansbury can take another loan and diaby should join him but only if both are guaranteed starting places. yennaris denilson eastmond and henderson can also go on loan. we need to improve our defensive quality and increase our options. for that reason i would still go for vertonghen and i would also go for yanga-mbwia as replacements for djourou and squillaci who can be sold or loaned if all their wages are covered along with botelho. to give us sagna jenkinson yanga-mbwia koscielny mertesacker bartley vermaelen vertonghen miquel santos gibbs. finally in goal im happy to keep the 4 keepers szcesney fabianski mannone with martinez going on loan. however should fab and vito want out let them go if replacements are found. So squillaci djourou botelho denilson diaby lansbury eastmond are all out plus one of arshavin vela park if hoilett is signed.

  12. I don’t think any level headed fan expected decisions to be made or even contract talks commenced until everyone had taken a holiday. Even Wenger has worked during the Euro and deserves a holiday.

  13. Didn’t arsenal get him for £15mil after all the add ons?
    So they develop him for nothing. This would be a dumb decision. He should stay at arsenal he fits well into our system.

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