Wenger Should Read And Take Notes!

Former Arsenal star Robin Van Persie is delighted for being able to come back from missing a penalty, and scoring another two goals in the last game he played for Manchester United.

The Dutchman managed to score two times the amount of goals his former club Arsenal have so far in the season, certifying that the Gunners have managed to lose an incredible player when they lost him to their biggest rivals. He then declared the fact that he wouldn’t have been able to do that a couple of seasons ago when he was still at Arsenal.

Cazorla Demands Song And RVP Replacements

Newly transferred Arsenal star Santi Cazorla has declared his delight for debuting at Arsenal, but has also spoken about the importance of bringing in top players at the club, who could replace the losses of Robin Van Persie and Alex Song.

According to the Spanish international, 10 days is a lot of time for transfers to be brought in, and knowing what happened last season when Wenger brought in a host of players in the last week of the transfer season, it’s decent to say that at least one will still join the Gunners.

Arsene Wenger Expresses Sadness Over RVP Exit

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed the fact that, unfortunately, captain Robin Van Persie will leave for Manchester United. The Frenchman has admitted that he was forced into selling Robin and that there wasn’t much he could do, despite the fact that he wanted to keep the Dutchman.

According to Wenger, the striker’s position will be filled by Giroud and Podolski’s arrivals, the club having previously stated that the French striker had been brought in to boost the attacking options.

“He is at Manchester United, unfortunately for us. The transfer was finalised in the afternoon,” said Wenger whilst working for French TV station TF1 on Wednesday.

Will Robin Listen And Stay?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is getting unexpected support from Dutch defender Ron Vlaar, who is pushing Robin Van Persie to stay with the Gunners amidst rumours linking him to a possible leave to Italian side Juventus Torino.

After just signing with Aston Villa, Vlaar is now vehement in saying that Robin should stay in England, but admits that he has no certain information which can point to a possible stay.

“I talked to Robin and several other players during the Euros,” said Vlaar.

Arsenal Sell Van Persie To Juventus

A shocking rumour was launched today as Italian agent Fabio Parisi, who is also representing Robin Van Persie, has declared for an Italian television show that the dutch star has signed a contract with Arsenal’s star.

After launching such an incredible rumour, Parisi went back on his word a bit and claimed that it’s only a supposition and that this is what he things, although we have to admit that it seems a bit fictive to say the least.

‘I think Juventus have had a signed contract with Van Persie for some time locked away in a notary’s desk.

Ancelotti Announces Robin’s Departure

Former Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti claims that he’s not interested in ripping Wenger of his most important man, and that if Robin Van Perise were to leave, it would not be for the Ligue 1.

According to the manager there are quite a few teams interested in the Dutch striker, but although the French rich club PSG were linked with Robin, a move won’t occur because the links were nothing but rumours and nothing was true about them.

“Robin van Persie is not our target but I think there are a number of other clubs who are interested in him.”

Arsenal intend to hold Van Persie for last year of contract

Arsenal’s officials have completely snubbed the possibility of Robin Van Persie to leave, saying that no officials offers have come in for the Dutchman yet, and that the club aren’t interested in the possibility to cash in for Robin’s services.

Team captain Robin Van Persie has been delaying his contract extension, and many seem to think that he’s looking to force Wenger in buying as many top players as possible during this summer’s transfer window.

Club chairman Peter Hill-Wood has stated:

“As far as I am aware nobody has made any offer for him and he is away so we are not in any dialogue at all,” said Hill-Wood.

Walcott On His Way Out?

Even though the press is focusing all of its attention on Arsenal’s Robin Van Persie, the Dutchman is not the only top rated star who has refused to extend his contract, as Theo Walcott has also entered the last year of his contract with the Gunners.

The indecision hasn’t gone unnoticed as a host of clubs amongst which Chelsea, PSG and Juventus are believed to be hot on the winger’s trail, and if rumours are to be believed a transfer fee of £15million would  be enough to convince Arsenal’s officials to let Walcott go if the winger won’t agree to extend his contract with the club.

RVP Keeps His Eyes On The Prize Despite Tempting Offers

Despite recent rumours Arsenal’s skipper Robin Van Persie is as devoted as ever to bring the Gunners back on a top four spot in the Premiership.

The Dutchman is highly linked with a transfer away from the Emirates Stadium in the summer, but the striker who is still running out of contract with Arsenal doesn’t seem to look into that.

“What better way to set things straight again than to beat Spurs?” the Dutchman said.

“I would rather be playing them now than on any other day, and we know that a win is absolutely vital.

Is Fabregas Trying To Convince Robin To Choose Barca?

Arsenal’s former captain Cesk Fabregas declared that he’s not trying to tempt his former colleague and actual Gunner skipper Robin Van Persie to join Barcelona, but hinted that everything worked out excellent for him and that he’s happy with the move he made.

“I talk to him but not about Barca,” Fabregas told El Mundo Deportivo.

“He is an Arsenal player and he knows what is best for him. I only wish the best of luck for him before he makes whatever decision he will make.”