Wenger – How We Finish The Season Will Decide What Arsenal Spend This Summer


Arsene Wenger has made the curious suggestion that the next five games will decide whether Arsenal need to spend money in the coming transfer window, whereas he has previously said that his transfer dealings were going well! Surely it is the state of the team over the whole season which helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the squad?

He was asked if the fact that Man City and Chelsea always beat Arsenal to top players by simply out-bidding them, but Wenger doesn’t think that that will affect the Gunners ability to win the Premiership.

“It does not mean you cannot win the title,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “There are two basic trophies for me that are the sign of the quality of a team; they are the Premier League and the Champions League.

“The Champions League is prestigious and it is half league and half cup. That means that at the end, the team who wins must show real quality.

“All the rest, they are trophies of course and they are important, but they do not really reflect the deep quality of a team. The championship does, and we want to win it.

“Our ambition is intact, to win the championship. It depends on how we finish the season to decide how much we need to buy to have a chance to win the championship next season.”

So if Man City collapse and Arsenal finish second, does that mean that we don’t need to strengthen the team at all?

12 thoughts on “Wenger – How We Finish The Season Will Decide What Arsenal Spend This Summer

  1. Incase arsenal finishes top four,podolski,vertonhen, would be vital signings and then signing benayoun would also be a great move if mvilla doesnt join…even if we finish 2nd wenger should sign at least three players.

  2. i could have predicted wengers attitude….it seems he looks for reasons not to spend money on transfers. With a relatively easy run-in, he has cleverly linked his potential spending to the requirement of “do we need to spend ?”
    Cynical one could argue, but it all fits neatly into his financially-driven strategy of buy cheap and selling expensive.
    Even the potentially difficult chelsea match has been made a lot easier with chelsea’s congested fixture list.
    I sincerely hope that the forthcoming discussions with RVP have the effect of forcing wenger to buy quality players to prove to him that there is real ambition at the club.
    Otherwise its going to be a similar story next season. Wenger appeases fans with a quest for 3rd or 4th place to qualify for champions league and many of those fans seem to forget the trophy competitions we crash out of prior to this champs league “holy grail”.

  3. Jesus why does this always have to happen. Wenger is so stuck in his ways its untrue.

    So how we finish again this eason will determine who we buy? So we are going to get the likes Chamakh, park and Gervinho again? Bloody joke.

    yes while Arsenal might be doing good now, lets not forget we are not challening for any league title, we are out of every cup, so yes the pressure is of us. So if we finish good, he wont buy anyone? and if we finish poorly he will buy the likes of the names mentioned above again? Jesus its just one big bloody merry go round at Arsenal, if wenger dobuy quality bloody players in the summer, lets all be happy again fighting for fourth.

  4. Like all businesses Arsenal need a projection based on performances over a reasonably lengthy period not just where we finished the season. We`ve had many downs this season which highlighted our weaknesses and these must be taken into account if we are to find consistent rhythm.
    A 25 man squad can ill afford to carry erratic performers so it will be interesting to see who Wenger puts his faith in.

  5. Aw ve started his normal ideolgy that ll not favour him at d middle of the season. Had it bn Nasri didn’t go, AW we not had signed 5 players nd it would ve affected us by now.. We all know u re the best manager.. Atleast get three good outstanding players this summer just to avoid been frustrated at all tym.

  6. Oh come on! I’m not a Wenger basher by any means, infact I usually fight his corner when others slate him but this looks to me like he’s attempting to prep us for another dissapointing transfer window. I actually thought we’d land a couple of real top class players this year – silly me!

  7. This statement of Wenger is not welcomed taking into cognisance Wenger pechant 4 saying & doing nothing.

  8. Arsenal wenger y must u b selfish…all u tink abt s makin money 4 d club…y wnt u buy in players..the sales of fabregas nd nasri is enough 2 bring in top players dis season nd i thought a €50m has been creditd 2 u 2 bring in players. We need trouphies. You are a mess 2 d fans. Up gunners!

  9. Wenger will have to go into the transfer market just to keep RVP. And if RVP goes, he’ll have to go into the transfer market to replace RVP, so no matter what, Wenger will be buying players this summer.

  10. To say Arsenal will only buy prudently is a joke, worst than the one he used on Sol Campbell who i believe spoke with good intentions and for many frustrated Arsenal fans. Everyone knows Arsenal bought some dubious players on the 11th hour in panic and Mr Wenger must take some of the blame and needs to do some straight talking.. buy or won’t buy??

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