Wenger – We will spend what we need for Arsenal to win the Premiership


The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has decided to learn from the past and finally make a change in the club’s mindset. According to the Frenchman, the same wise-spending values will remain the basic policies of the club, but this time he declared that the way Arsenal finish the season (more exactly the position they finish) will decide how much they will be ready to spend in order to win the Premiership trophy next season.

“What has not changed at all is our policy that we will be as ambitious as ever and spend the money we have available, if possible in an intelligent and a wise way.

“We have always spent money because we are ambitious for top-class players and if you look at the history of our last 15 years, we have always had top-class players.”

“There are two basic trophies for me that are the sign of the quality of a team, the Premier League and the Champions League.

“The Champions League is prestigious and it is half league and half cup. The teams who win this show real quality. All the rest of the trophies are important, but they do not really reflect the deep quality of a team.

“The championship does, and we want to win it. People forget we had a terrible start this season because we had injuries and transfers and after seven games we had lost four.

“But our ambition is intact to win the championship. It depends on how we finish the season to decide how much we need to buy to have a chance to win the championship next season.”

It’s about time Wenger took a stand and started to accept the idea that you need to spend money on top transfers in order to be able to fight at the highest level, and since the trophy drought has started at Arsenal we have to admit that the biggest problems were caused by losing our best players on a regular basis, and not replacing them.

11 thoughts on “Wenger – We will spend what we need for Arsenal to win the Premiership

  1. wenger do what is actually necessary and not what you think is necessary.

    1. Adrian,ramsey is ok.he only has a bad day these days.lets support him.he wl come over it.patience pays.

  2. Dnt buy more babies!go for quality guys!cheap is expensive!assistant couch shd b replacd

  3. Arsene Wenger is a ten million pound man and he rarely digresses from that mindset ,but, on two occasions he did so and they were a disaster. Reyes and Asharvin won`t go away so I can`t see him following the painful cry`s of the fans no matter how well intended their suggestions might be.
    Unless I`m mistaken players like Podoski and Vertonghen at 10 million each will be the summation of the summer purchases, which is in many ways encouraging seeing that we have a young brigade waiting in the wings.
    It`s important to retain players like Beneyoun and Rosicky as mentors as the likes of Wilshere, Coquelin, Miguel and Ox-Chamberlain blend into the side.
    There is little point in making suggetions on who we should buy, Wenger is a realist and knows exactly what he wants and what he can and can not have. The big question surrounds van Persie. Personally I think he`ll stay, but who am I?

  4. We will spend what we need to win the premiership depending on where we finish. You do mean that as long as we finish in champions league position we will get a percentage of the £30 million champions league money. I find this a nausiating statement as if we finished out of the top 4 we would ultimately need to spend more than we would 2nd or 3rd place. Arsenals profits will be up again this year and i no doubt guess that if we finished outside of the top 4 and missed out on the £30 million we would probably sold Van Persie to compensate. Now that it looks like we will qualyfi in 2nd or third we must be a good team so don’t need to spend that much. All Arsenal need to do is spend as much as it takes to get Vertonghen a left back and a sriker of standing and a decent 2nd goalkeeper then you would have spent enough.The fans deserve as much.

    1. Yossi B is 31 he stands no chance of playing back in Chelsea’s team so he will probably stay at Arsenal for another year loan spell as long as his form and fitness holds out till the end of the season. But if we are thinking of winning the premier next season we have to remember that Yossi would not play in the home and away games against Chelsea and also if we draw Chelsea in either the champions league or Fa cup Carling cup he would not be available to us, points means prizes, my advice would be either buy him or buy a younger better player that would ultimately help us in all our games. But the cheap option that we will go with is a loan.

  5. Arsene wenger should do things right before it get worst.we are annoying the way wenger goes 4 the players he wants to sign.so pls arsene wenger i we luv 2 see players like demsey vertongern m villa junior hoiliet.and a natural left winger so he can remove walcot 4rm the wings.i knw we already got podoski gud signing.

  6. I dont think buy quality player(s) has been our problem. Even ds yr we did buy qualities. Who says mertersaka,arteta,yousi and even santos are not class. Though, d time of acquiring them was faulty. Agreed. But let us face it we may never win any cup again until we learn how to keep our best legs. Sales of fab4 and cashri took us 2 or 3 yrs back, now we recover 1 yr back wt acquisition of arteta and resurgence of rosicky. Now if we dare sell vp10 now. Who cn tel me we are not taken 4 yrs aback. Gunner 4 life

  7. You spend 500mill and it still wont win you a trophy if any sort. People must realise the best players do not make the best team. The best team are mafe up of individuals who achieve the most and exceed their abilities together. People can name drop and want whatever player because of media,agents or tv testimony but the truth is the character and mentality of the player is the 1st. We dont want diruption(Adebayor) homesickness(Reyes)Egomaniacs(Bendtner) and greed(Nasri)We wanr humility and.greedmeasu

  8. And a team who will fight for each other whether they are worth 500 000 or 50million not cliques and outcasts. And we noticed that after certain playwrs left the club.

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