Wenger pinning Arsenal title hopes on manager changes elsewhere

Instead of making himself useful on the transfer front by outlining some players and getting the job done, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has once again decided to talk to the media about Arsenal’s league chances for the upcoming season.

Before we indulge into the quotes from Le Prof, can we all be serious for a second and ask ourselves if we genuinely think Wenger is being completely serious when he says we can be challengers for the league? Because to me it’s as if he hasn’t noticed that our rivals have strengthened, whilst we have failed to add to a team that was PROMISED to have a new look come the kick-off of the season. It just doesn’t all add up to me, but as baffled as we all are, Wenger is sure to make you consider your support of him even more with his latest quotes.

Wenger said, “The fact that of the four top teams last year, three have changed manager will certainly create the most interest to see how they all respond to that. You have less questions about Mourinho returning to Chelsea because he already knows the club and they are a stable team. These teams changed managers but there is a stability there [in terms of the players] so that shouldn’t create too much uncertainty.

“Pellegrini has a lot of experience, David Moyes has a lot of experience and Mourinho as well, so they will handle it very well. Let’s not expect presents from these clubs because that would be the wrong way to go into the championship. Let’s just think they will be as strong as ever and make sure that we are strong.”

Although I don’t necessarily disagree with everything he says here, I must admit that Chelsea aren’t going to be the strongest team and ultimately title contenders for this upcoming season, just because they have Mourinho. They aren’t certainly going to win just because ‘The Special One’ is at the helm and I think it’s ludicrous to think otherwise. His team has been distinguished since he left. No more Drogba, whilst Cole, Terry and Lampard can’t play the way they did before and so this ‘certainty’ that is being spread is nothing but a bunch of rubbish in my opinion.

Wenger is the only manager in the Top 4 to remain in his position over the course of the summer and if I’m honest I was originally thinking this may be an advantage to us. The players had nothing to adapt to, whilst the intentions were clear from the start. However this summer has quickly shown me that perhaps we should have gone along with the rest and had a change up of manager. Overall I’m happy to have Wenger at the helm because there aren’t many other options but in the near future it’s vital we see change in the managerial stance especially if Wenger continues the way he does.

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  1. Gary says:

    Simple maths –
    80mil this year + 80mil next year + 50mil (Fab/Nasri/Vp) = 210mil

    Wenger – 20m bonus
    Board & shareholders – balance !

  2. Kayboy says:

    The number 1 problem i have is not wenger, but deluded fans that keep defending wenger. there’s no doubt, i used to support wenger before,but i realised that he had turned himself to something else in arsenal. wenger is a betrayal of his own fans,arsenal fans,and his players. his players were very determined to qualify for the championship believing that new recruits will arrive during the summer. but yet he carried out his evil deeds. go and check wenger’s profile,he starts well with clubs, but he didn’t end well with those clubs. imagine what wenger has turned the arsenal that i love into. arsenal has turned to a laughing stock. wenger is chronic liar. he lies to the fans year in year out. and there is nothing he says now that i believe. i’m not one of his fans that he had brainwashed. wenger is corrupt and he remains so. wenger is not arsenal neither is he the owner of arsenal. i hate you wenger because you,kronke and the greedy board have betrayed this great club, but my love for arsenal stands forever.

  3. Giddy says:

    Idiotic manager still deluded thinking that he can challenge without strengthening his team! This man became a joke long ago and its a shame that fans keep on adoring this man with his petty talk time and again! Shame on you arsenal fans for not letting Wenger know that u are serious when we lost during emirates cup! Atleast he would have acted by signing even a single player by now.

  4. Dave says:

    Thunder fire plus you and Wenger!

    Thunder blaster Kroenke, Gazidis and all of the stupids fans wey go enter emirates tomorrow! God punish all of una!

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