Wenger speaks about Robin Van Persie’s injuries

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seems to think that Robin Van Persie’s numerous injuries made him a tougher player and a more motivated one, and that being away from the pitch for long periods of time made him realise that he must give his all with every occasion.

“When you see the player that arrived and the player he is today then you have to give him a lot of credit,” said the manager. “His transformation has been exceptional.

“We have all played football because we wanted to enjoy it. He is a football lover. He watches tapes and knows all about the game. Then he wants to be on the pitch. Maybe he has been so frustrated by being out so many times that he rates what a chance it is to play for Arsenal.”

“He has had an outstanding season so let’s hope we can keep him fit. He has played I think 48 games in the calendar year. That is the most he has played.

“He is talented and now he is the leader of the Club.  At a club like Arsenal that is not easy and he does it remarkably well.”

The Dutch is within touching distance of Alan Shearer’s record of 36 goals in one Premiership year, and he’s two goals away from Thierry Henry’s record with his 32 goals in this 2011 year. The Dutchman still has 5 goals to score, but also has 5 games in which he can score the goals so things are looking bright for him.

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