Wenger starts believing in the title

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is starting to dream about the possibility to fight for the title after a very bad start of the season, but admits that it’s a very tough fight and a very long way to go.

The Frenchman got his team back on track and right now Arsenal is riding the wave. If he will be able to keep this up the Gunners might have a chance to win the league after all.

“We are too far away from the top at the moment,” he admitted. “My complete focus is to reduce that gap before Christmas and hopefully we can do that.”

“Then in the second half of the season we play all of these teams at home, so if we can manage to do that we still have a chance to come back. But at the moment, we are too far.”

“I don’t know how realistic it is, but what I know is that we have to give absolutely everything to make it realistic.”

Although seen as impossible 2 month ago, the fact that now people are starting to dream of a full come-back by Arsenal is a good sign. The team is now on the 7th spot, but they are fast gaining ground. The only problem with reaching the first place is that Manchester City must be stopped.

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