The rumours about Cesc Fabregas are failing to go away and from what I’ve seen his persistent link to Manchester United seems to be worrying Arsenal fans. However in my opinion it’s very unlikely that he will join the Red Devils, simply because of a few reasons regarding his contract. Because of these regulations I think Arsenal fans should be very calm about the situation, and if anything does happen then it’s massively down to Arsene Wenger.

First of all, one factor I’m sure you are all aware of by now is that Arsenal have first refusal on Fabregas, after it was one of three clauses implemented in his contract when he joined Barcelona in 2011. This means that even if Manchester United make an offer and Barcelona state that they would be interested in selling, they must first contact Arsenal to conclude that we definitely don’t want to sign him.

I think if this was the case and they contacted us after a rival bid was submitted, I think it would be ridiculous on Arsenal and Arsene Wenger’s part not to rival that bid. It would be stupid to let a player go so easily.

A second clause was also implemented in Fabregas’ contract which means Arsenal are set to receive 50% of the transfer fee for whoever Barcelona sell to (Arsenal aside of course!). This would mean that even if Manchester United, or even any team were to match a price, which would be at least £25-30m plus, then that would mean that Arsenal were entitled to around £12.5-15m, which would therefore mean Barcelona would make a massive loss on the transfer figures surrounding the Spaniard.

Thirdly Arsenal have a buy back clause of £30m included, which is the agreed price should Arsenal be interested. Whilst the buyout clause for other clubs is considerably higher. Figures of £100m plus are rumoured however obviously Barcelona would accept an offer under this.

£30 million may seem a lot and it is, but because Barcelona still owe us money for Song and Fabregas, we could realistically cancel their extra payments and get Fabregas for an absolute steal.

Of course there isn’t even definite interest from any clubs in Fabregas however it would seem that Arsenal and Man United are the two clubs most interested. Under these regulations I think it would be highly unlikely Fabregas would join United, unless some agreement can be made between the 3 clubs, but I think Arsenal would be silly to allow this to happen. As a result if Fabregas is ever going to leave Barcelona then I fully expect The Emirates to be the only other option for the Spanish International. Let’s hope that Santi and Monreal can pull an Arsenal shirt over Fabregas at the next international game, just like Fabregas’ International teammates did with a Barcelona shirt prior to his transfer.

7 thoughts on “Why Fabregas won’t join Manchester United

  1. You clearly havent learnt a damn thing about arsenal. Once there is money to be made, arsenal will lift up her skirt.

  2. Super! Never worried that he would join United. As far as honor is concerned he certainly has it. He still loves Arsenal and he is still at home at the Emirates! Top lad and a top player!

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