Why Liverpool are HELPING Arsenal to sign Sanchez!

It seems strange, I know, but the hopes of Arsenal signing the Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez, are actually getting a big boost from our Premier League rivals. Not on purpose, of course, because Brendan Rodgers wanted the Barca star himself, but I will explain.

Various media sources are reporting that Liverpool have agreed a fee with Barcelona for their vampiric Uruguayan front man, Luis Suarez. The numbers being reported vary between £60-80 million, but they seem to agree on the problem stopping the transfer being completed, and that is the method of payment.

A Metro report reveals that the BPL club want the money up front, or at least most of it and that is where Sanchez comes in. Barca are happy to sell their striker, but they need to do it quickly now in order to release the funds for Suarez. Maybe that is why Arsene Wenger is apparently haggling over the price, knowing that he holds all the cards. Don’t push it, though, Arsene, will you, because all of a sudden somebody else could come along with a better offer.

The paper also claims that the Gunners latest offer for the 25-year old star is around £26 million, which is about what they paid Udinese for him three years ago. If Liverpool have lowered their price for Suarez a bit, this will also help Arsenal to get our transfer done at a better price, so should be thanking the scousers? That is bound to wind them up a treat!

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3 thoughts on “Why Liverpool are HELPING Arsenal to sign Sanchez!

  1. Good theory but bull – someone else will step in and Barca will accept their higher bid. Sow it up quickly Wenger, or everyone be prepared for another excuse of how “we tried, but….”.

    1. Mystic I agree with you If we lose Sanchez and also
      Joel Campbell on loan we need a change of manager and quick as the majority of TRUE arsenal fans will be up in arms…So Wake up Wenger!

  2. Surely we should be used to loosing out on top players to our rivals we should not be surprised if this happens again. If it does happen then I think it is time Mr Wenger was looking for another job.I have been a big supporter of his but I think he is so stubborn he won’t change even though the board have given him the authority to spend £70-100million to strengthen the team.

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