Will Wenger Finally Get Podolski’s Signals?

Arsenal’s interest in German striker Lukas Podolski is about to come to life again as the star gives a clear signal to any European club who might be interested in his services that he’s ready to listen to offers as soon as summer hits.

After an excellent period at Bayern Munich, the move to Koln didn’t bring too much professional satisfaction to the German International striker, and now he’s ready to end all that and move on to a club which can provide a lot more than a fight to get clear of relegation.

“I was told that a team would be built around me so that we could establish ourselves first in the top eight and then in the top six,” he said.

“I had lots of promises made to me before my move here and I wanted to play my part in achieving these things together.

“[Former Cologne coach] Christoph Daum once said that lots of promises are made, but few are maintained here and I think my situation confirms that.

“When you see what perspectives were shown to me and what has actually happened in the end, it is disappointing.”

“Each year we try to make progress, we take a new run-up, but then when you end up embroiled in a relegation battle again then it is disappointing,” he told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

“I had hoped for a lot more because there is far more potential here – the stadium and the fans are unique.

“But of the people with whom I discussed this concept, very few are still at the club. There is no continuity.”

“If I were to move, then the way things stand at the moment, I would move abroad,” he said.

“I speak German, Polish, English and Cologne dialect – I think you can get anywhere with that combination.

“I am always receiving inquiries and if they had been really attractive, I wouldn’t be here now. But seriously, I will make up my mind no sooner than the summer.”

The Polish-born striker has admitted earlier this season that he loves the way Arsenal played the game and in December he expressed his wish to join a Champions League playing side, and Arsenal can offer him just that! Do you think he’ll be good enough?

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6 thoughts on “Will Wenger Finally Get Podolski’s Signals?

  1. I’ve been hoping he’d sign for Arsenal for YEARS!!!! This would be a dream move and I’d buy his shirt the day of the transfer!!

  2. We don’t buy stars, we’er toooo cheap!!!! And he’s too clever to come to a club with no ambition.

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