Would It Be Better For Hazard To Join Arsenal Or Tottenham?

We all know by now that Arsenal’s right-back Backary Sagna  seems to think that Eden Hazard’s move to the White Hart Lane would be a mistake, and we all agree that it would be a dreadful thing for the Gunners to lose one of their most wanted targets to the club’s biggest rival. But is it really that much better for him to join Arsenal?

“I think (a Spurs move) would be an error for him.

“I watch the French League and Hazard is an excellent player. It would be a major signing for Arsenal, but it’s up to different people to decide his destination.

“He needs to reflect and make the choice of club for the style of football.

“If he goes to Spurs, he will be an enemy for me.

“Hazard has the perfect profile for the Premier League because he has swiftness, is a very good dribbler and is able to find spaces for team-mates.

”He is a player who can change the rhythm and provoke problems in defence.”

We all want him to join because the Gunners need his skills probably more than ever, but speaking from the player’s point of view, would it really be better for him to join Arsenal than Spurs? Do you think that next season Arsenal will be able to compete for the title once more after Hazard and perhaps others will join?

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4 thoughts on “Would It Be Better For Hazard To Join Arsenal Or Tottenham?

  1. i think so. hazard is a good player and if arsenal will sign more other players and retain its players they have may it will able to compete fot the tittle not otherwise.

  2. Personally I would rather Gotze.. I think he is a more complete player at this stage and is what we need right now I believe. I also believe that hazard is using the prem as a stepping stone to prove he has the talent on the big stage and in a few years he will move on to real or barca. Gotze is in more of a mould to fabregas and has excellent passing skills. Something that we are lacking. I know we have WIlshere, who will be one of the top midfielders in the world but could you imagine jack playing alongside mario? That would leave teams trembling. However I think it could be quite a challenge to lure Gotze to the Arsenal. We need to prove that we are still a massive club. Keeping hold of Van Persie will be a huge signing for us as it shows that he still believes and that there could be players coming in that will make a significant difference.

  3. i pray dat sagna’s comment shud change d philosophy of both wenger nd d board.

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