Lille Star Admits Interest In Joining Arsenal

Arsenal’s top transfer target Eden Hazard admitted the fact that he is interested in the possibility of moving to the Premiership and that Arsenal have taken an official interest in him.

Lille’s winger Eden Hazard declared that he also has an interest in the side from the Emirates Stadium because there are a lot of people speaking French there including the manager, and because he’ll be able to pair up with his national team buddy Vermaelen.

“There are several clubs that interest me in England and Arsenal is really a part,”

“Of course, it’s always more fun when the football is beautiful. In addition, at Arsenal, there is a French coach and French players, as well as my compatriot Thomas Vermaelen.” Hazard said on ESPN.

This transfer from Lille to Arsenal seems written in the stars, and Arsene Wenger’s relationship with the French League 1 winners is well known after also managing to land Ivorian winger Gervinho. Hazard has been a target for the French manager since two years ago and the transfer rumours are finally proving to become real now that Hazard has also admitted interest in the possibility of a transfer.

Would It Be Better For Hazard To Join Arsenal Or Tottenham?

We all know by now that Arsenal’s right-back Backary Sagna  seems to think that Eden Hazard’s move to the White Hart Lane would be a mistake, and we all agree that it would be a dreadful thing for the Gunners to lose one of their most wanted targets to the club’s biggest rival. But is it really that much better for him to join Arsenal?

“I think (a Spurs move) would be an error for him.

“I watch the French League and Hazard is an excellent player. It would be a major signing for Arsenal, but it’s up to different people to decide his destination.

“He needs to reflect and make the choice of club for the style of football.

“If he goes to Spurs, he will be an enemy for me.

“Hazard has the perfect profile for the Premier League because he has swiftness, is a very good dribbler and is able to find spaces for team-mates.

”He is a player who can change the rhythm and provoke problems in defence.”

We all want him to join because the Gunners need his skills probably more than ever, but speaking from the player’s point of view, would it really be better for him to join Arsenal than Spurs? Do you think that next season Arsenal will be able to compete for the title once more after Hazard and perhaps others will join?

City Are Now In On Arsenal’s Hazard Deal

Arsenal can expect even further competition in their attempt to sign star attacking midfielder Eden Hazard as Manchester City is now highly interested in his services as well.

According to a French newspaper, Mancini thinks highly of the player and was quoted saying:

“Hazard has an enormous level of talent and is able to play at the maximum level.

“But we know there is interest from the big European clubs and any deal will not be easy.”

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has been tracking the Belgian star from last summer and he’s likely to go in with a good bid if hazard will be available to join. According to rumours, the youngster declared that he’d much rather join a club like Arsenal or Liverpool than Chelsea due to their amazing history.

If the rumour is right than City won’t be so appealing to Hazard despite their incredible form and the big players they currently have.

Wenger is going to try his luck with Eisfeld, but even if the young German proves his talent in the Gunners squad a player like Hazard could still be very important for Arsenal.

Hazard Admits Interest In PSG. Will Wenger Move Faster?

Lille’s star player Eden Hazard is ready to move away from his club, but even though it was thought his destination would be abroad, perhaps in the Premiership, the attacking midfielder confirms interest in League 1 side PSG.

Arsenal are favorites to snatch the attacking midfielder even though rivals Chelsea are also highly interested in the Belgian.

“Of course, PSG is a great club, and a personality like Ancelotti, he makes you want to play there”, said Hazard

“We will see about it later”, he added.

“In the next two or three years they will be very solid, a very tough team, as the players play together for a longer time.

“This is only the start of a new era for PSG.”

Arsenal are still on his trail, and recent speculation are pointing towards a completed deal even though the Gunners haven’t announced it yet. Wenger still has a few days to take care of it but it may not be enough.

Chelsea Ready To Steal Arsenal Target. When Will This Ever Stop?

Chelsea have increased their interest in Lille’s playmaker Eden Hazard, who even though was looking highly likely to join the Gunners during this January after a failed summer bid, now seems more likely to join their top rivals Chelsea.

It’s the same story it was with Mata who after being watched and intensely linked with Arsenal he ended up playing for Chelsea who were just more convinced that they want him, and just look at the incredible level of skill Mata is showing, managing to be nothing short of one of the best players in Chelsea’s team.

Perhaps Wenger will understand that Arsenal shouldn’t fight for a top 4 finish, but for a title, and he will decide to invest the money they got out of selling Clichy, Nasri, Eboue and Fabregas in the summer.

If Wenger puts the money Arsenal got out of selling Nasri and Fabregas into two young players, but good ones like Gotze and Hazard or who knows what combination of top players who have been linked with them, the Gunners will even have a chance of cracking City. They don’t have to act like City does buying everything that knows how to pass a ball, but just do what Wenger said, to invest what money they have.

Arsenal Miss Out On Belgian Wonderkid Midfielder

Arsenal target Eden Hazard won’t be arriving on the Emirates Stadium as many hoped and expected as club official Jean-Michel Vandamme dismissed the possibility of letting the attacking midfielder go during the January transfer market opening.

“We have received some very interesting propositions for Hazard, but the player will stay with us until at least the end of the season,”

“He certainly won’t leave until then. Then, if we can find someone willing to make an appropriate offer, we will look to reach an agreement.

“Interest from Inter Milan? There are clubs in all of the major European leagues that want him.

“His price? I think a player like Hazard is worth at least €40million (£33m).”

Arsenal were interested in Hazard in the summer as well and went with what was rumoured to be a generous offer for Hazard which was unfortunately snubbed by French side Lille which wanted to have the best squad possible for this year’s Champions League experience.

Arsenal is still on the lookout for an attacking midfielder after they missed out on Reus and Hazard and they’re also likely to lose out on German wonderkid Mario Gotze. Who do you think will join?

Lille wants to earn big on Hazard

Lille doesn’t seem to think that much about Hazard leaving as they do about the money he might bring in the club. The French team seems to be very interested in selling the Belgian for the right kind of money, so Real Madrid and Arsenal should take notes.

“Cole is becoming an important member of our team, and even though he is currently Liverpool’s player, it is not a certainty that he will leave us again at the end his (loan) contract,” Seydoux insisted.

“If he has a certain good feeling with Lille and we can make him an interesting offer, this is something that we will look into.

“We would like to keep Hazard too, and if he still sees a challenge here, then he could stay. It’s probable, though, that he will leave the club after this season, as there’s plenty of interest.

“Will €50million be enough? Nobody is irreplaceable and there are solutions for that kind of money.”

A €50million deal would surely be out of Wenger’s reach, but there was a rumored fee of €30million in the summer. If Wenger will give in a bit and Lille will do the same, perhaps Hazard will indeed end up playing for Arsenal instead of Real Madrid. We can only hope.

Eden Hazard is available for Arsenal according to his agent

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has been very interested in the possibility of transferring Lille’s offensive midfielder Eden Hazard, but the move was blocked by the French club. They wanted to keep the midfielder a little longer in order to have a stronger team in the attempt to get something out of the participation in the Champions League group stage.

Hazard’s agent John Bico admitted that Hazard will probably leave the French club soon, and he left the door opened for a new Arsenal bid.

“He has shown from the beginning of the season that he is able to play for any of the big clubs, including Real Madrid.”, said Bico

“Eden has matured in every aspect. Perhaps next summer will be the moment to leave in search of the biggest challenge.

“Wenger wanted the player but Lille said no to the sale last summer. It’s certain that Real Madrid have been watching.

“I don’t think Zidane’s presence will necessarily decide things. Zidane has always praised him but that, on its own, will not be sufficient.”

Hazard has been playing for Lille’s senior squad since his debut in 2007, and now at the age of 20 he is very close to joining Arsene Wenger’s Gunners. The Frenchman followed the Belgian’s evolution for several years now, and he will surely go back with an improved offer in January after missing on the transfer in the summer.