Would Wenger have to change Arsenal system to fit Suarez in?

OK, by now every Arsenal fan on the planet will know that the club made a £30 million bid for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez that was rejected. Now Arsene Wenger is expected to go back with an improved offer for the Uruguayan who has stated his intentions to leave Liverpool once again.

Arsenal fans have mixed emotions over Suarez. Some would welcome his great ability and some are worried about the many problems he has had during his footballing career. There is no doubt that Suarez is one of the world’s best players, but how would he fit in at Arsenal?

Gonzalo Higuain is still supposed to be joining the club (I think) which means that for the first time in a long time, Arsenal would have two world class strikers.

In the last few years, most clubs in the world have adopted formations of one striker up front surrounded by wingers or attacking midfielders. With Higuain and Suarez in the team, I can’t imagine either of them wanting to play second fiddle to the other. Obviously, Arsenal have been one of the majority of clubs that use the one striker system which means either things will need to change or somebody won’t be happy.

Arsenal may have a formation that seems to use wingers but players like Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott are really strikers meaning that in truth, Arsenal use three strikers rather than one. I can’t imagine Suarez or Higuain wanting to play out left or right so Wenger may have to switch things around and have two central strikers.

The next problem is, how would Suarez get along with the rest of the players? One of the things that helped Suarez settle in at Liverpool was the South American contingent at the club. Players like Sebastian Coates and Lucas Leiva helped Suarez during his time there but Arsenal do not have much of a South American presence.

Other than Andre Santos (who may be leaving) I don’t see who Suarez would initially get along with other than Higuain who will be his rival for the central role.

It’s really difficult to imagine how Suarez will properly fit in at Arsenal. Wenger certainly seems keen on bringing him to the club, though, so if he succeeds I guess we’ll found out what happens next season.

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5 thoughts on “Would Wenger have to change Arsenal system to fit Suarez in?

  1. yes is true we really need suarez in arsenal squt pls wenger bring us suarez is better than any player look art the chelsea had a champions led arsenal nil pls wenger we want to premier and champions led now

  2. I kind of think he’ll have a whole lot of a better conversation with Arteta and Santi Cazorla than Lucas Leiva, he’s actually able to understand what they’re saying.

    It’s not where your from it’s what language you speak.

  3. If a player like Rosicky had made Arsenal his home for a very long time, I do not see reasons why Suarez can’t; that is if his heart is with the club.

  4. Signing higaiun and suarez is an optional move..two of them cannot be signed together. Suarez is a back up option if higaiun’s deal fell through. But in honest, arsenal do not need suarez. Its just wenger’s tricks to pull madrid’s legs towards higaiun’s deal

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