AFCON in January is bad for African players as well as Arsenal

Good day Gooners. Hope we have moved on emotionally and mentally from our stalemate against Sheffield United over the weekend? Tomorrow, we are playing Chelsea at the bridge; I believe we can get a positive result from that game.

Last week it was reported that the African cup of nations, AFCON, was going to be moved back to January for next year’s cup of nations in Africa. This plan to move the competition was initiated by the Cameroonian FA, in conjunction with the confederation of African football, CAF. Cameroon, who are hosting next year’s competition, wants the tournament to be played in January because by June/July, the country may likely experience heavy rain falls. With this excuse, they may be justified after all to move the tournament backwards, right?

Man City couldn’t beat Arsenal’s Invincibles record – Why should Liverpool?

Hello once again gooners. How do we do? Just this morning as I lay on bed, I went through some sport sites. While scrolling through, I stumbled across a site that went with this headline: “Arsenal set to lose their invincible records to Liverpool”. Like seriously, how sure are they that Liverpool will equal our records at the end of the season, when the season just got half way? Even if we do lose our record to them, does it change anything about Arsenal’s record?

Will Mesut Ozil now stay at Arsenal?

Ozil holding World CupDoes Ozil’s new found form mean he should be allowed to stay at Arsenal?

It has not been an easy ride for Mesut Ozil at Arsenal in recent years. The player, who cost us a fortune when he was bought from Real Madrid, has been a divider of opinions amongst football fans and football analysts. Many believe he has passed his prime and that he should be sold, others believe he still has a lot to contribute to the team. Yet, others feel he has been wrongly utilized in the team. Whatever the opinion is, Ozil has surely divided opinions.

Arsenal players should have no say in choosing the new coach

Should the players have a say on who coaches them?

I feel sad whenever I hear the word “player power”. I feel football has gotten to a stage whereby players are given so much power to either decide which coach to be hired or fired. A manager, who probably wants to last long as the coach of a club, must have a good relationship with his senior players or else he loses the dressing room. What a delicate situation we find ourselves in.

Why haven’t Arsenal Announced Arteta Yet!

Can we just announce Arteta as coach already and stop the suspense please?

Am I the only who is getting fed up with the way things are going at Arsenal or are we many? I am so fed up with how we run things at Arsenal. Somebody please get us a coach already.

The Arteta story has circulated on the internet a lot, that many people feel that signing a coach, should have been a forgotten issue for Arsenal; unfortunately, it is not. Mikel Arteta has been all over the news, why has he not signed yet?

I’m not sure Arteta is able to drag Arsenal out of the mire

Everyone is talking about Arteta like he was a messiah

Mikel Arteta may be the next Arsenal manager, if stories on the internet are to be believed. Almost every website has been reporting our some Arsenal staffers were seen leaving Arteta’s house by 1am on Monday morning. If it is true that senior members of the Arsenal football club were seen leaving Mikel’s home as early as that time, then we can safely assume that he is the selected one.

When will Arsenal start winning again?

When will all these losses stop?

I seriously feel so sad that Arsenal seem not to be moving in the right direction as far as football club growth is concerned.

Football is a good stress reliever to me and to a lot of people who are like me; whenever I am stressed and over-laboured by the daily hustle, I watch football to relax. And if Arsenal are among the teams playing, I put everything aside and focus on watching the match. However these days, football seems to increase stress.

Are Stan & Co simply not strong enough to run Arsenal?

Is Arsenal too big to handle for the board of directors?

Hi Gooners. Have we ever asked ourselves why things are the way they are at Arsenal? Have we asked ourselves what direction we are actually going as a football club? What have we really gained as a football club since the Kroenkes bought Arsenal? I have a friend who believes Arsenal is too big a project for Stan Kroenke and his family to handle. Do you agree?

Let us all offer this prayer for Arsenal in this difficult time

Let us pray!

Let us pray, oh gooners for our dear club Arsenal. Let us pray that the spirit of confusion and negative tactics will be a thing of the past, sooner than later.

Let us pray that Unai Emery will fall asleep one night, encounter the angel of wisdom in his dream, and then wake up to inspire Arsenal to not just Champions league qualification, but also to winning one or two trophies.