Hazard Admits Interest In PSG. Will Wenger Move Faster?

Lille’s star player Eden Hazard is ready to move away from his club, but even though it was thought his destination would be abroad, perhaps in the Premiership, the attacking midfielder confirms interest in League 1 side PSG.

Arsenal are favorites to snatch the attacking midfielder even though rivals Chelsea are also highly interested in the Belgian.

“Of course, PSG is a great club, and a personality like Ancelotti, he makes you want to play there”, said Hazard

“We will see about it later”, he added.

“In the next two or three years they will be very solid, a very tough team, as the players play together for a longer time.

“This is only the start of a new era for PSG.”

Arsenal are still on his trail, and recent speculation are pointing towards a completed deal even though the Gunners haven’t announced it yet. Wenger still has a few days to take care of it but it may not be enough.

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