That’s more like it! Arsenal linked with unknown right back

Never mind Higuain, Fellaini and Fabregas; Arsenal are being linked with a young and exciting Ivorian right back currently playing for Toulouse. Aurier previously spoke during the week about his interest in a move to Everton and Marseille, but the player tweeted the following picture of himself on holiday wearing an Arsenal replica jersey!


So who is Serge Aurier? He’s a 20 year old Ivorian full back that has attracted interest from several teams after his recent impressive season for Toulouse. When discussing his future earlier this week, he spoke about his admiration for both Everton and Marseille.

“Everton are a top team and if they show interest in you it means a lot. I am just trying to stay relaxed about things. Marseille are a top club in France and when they show interest you cannot ignore it, you have to listen.”

However, it seems the young full back might have been in contact with Arsenal since those comments. It may be that he is simply an Arsenal fan, but if so it’s an odd thing to post on Twitter when discussing a potential transfer to one of Arsenal’s rivals.

If we are interested in Aurier, it may mean that the end is nigh for Bacary Sagna. Signing a back-up right back makes no sense when we are currently grooming Carl Jenkinson for the position, and the only logical assumption would be that Sagna has decided to move on. While Aurier shows promise, he is a relatively unknown prospect, and it would involve taking a risk. It is the kind of transfer we’ve got used to in recent years, and indicates that not much has changed in our transfer policy. Buying young players and turning them in to stars is what we’ve always done, but if we are to step up this season, we have to look at buying established players.

If Aurier does come to Arsenal, he will be welcomed by the fans and given every chance, but there is no doubt that I would far rather an experienced replacement for Sagna, should the Frenchman leave. This should be interesting…

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3 thoughts on “That’s more like it! Arsenal linked with unknown right back

  1. Unknown right back? really? we’ve been linked with him since last summer and he is hardly unknown, touted as the next big thing and an Ivory Coast international.

  2. The title us funny. We’ve been linked with hundreds of unknown players already, as usual. And he is an unknown, there’s no need to be silly about it, plenty of young players are called the next best thing.

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