Arsenal and Wenger can’t blame modern football – Deal with it!

After what was a disastrous weekend for the Arsenal, many of those defending Wenger and the board have used the argument of “Football has gone mad and it’s not Wenger and Gazidis’ fault that we can’t keep up with the ludicrous spending”. However, I feel that argument is a poor one and can certainly be seen as hypocritical.

Football has exploded with ridiculous transfer fees and ridiculous wages. It has been extremely difficult for Arsenal to compete, partly because of the introduction of Oligarchs who have bought the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, PSG etc. I completely understand that it’s been difficult for Arsenal in this period of time but we’ve exacerbated the problem certainly.

We have one of the highest ticket prices in world football and this is something definitely associated with the inflation of modern football. Even though we have one of the highest, we hardly have a squad that could compete on a domestic level, let alone a European level. It would be fine if this money was breaking us even but it’s not – we have around £180m cash balance.

We have also exploited the commercial side of the game and now have some of the biggest sponsorship deals in world football. We have used the increase in Premier league interest and the increased competition at the top to get massive sponsorship deals.

Finally, Wenger admitted to Al Jazeera that he suggested the current owners of PSG (apparently good friends of his) buy the club. He has directly helped the inflation of football with that recommendation. It’s hypocritical of him to sit on his high horse when he’s happy to help and suggest take overs by Oligarchs.

I deeply respect Wenger and what he’s done for the club but it is wrong to defend him by referring to the apparent madness of football especially when the man himself has assisted some of it as well as the club happily exploiting it.

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