Arsenal Get Closer To Signing Podolski As Koln Replace Him

Arsenal are rumoured to be very close on signing Koln’s German striker Lukas Podolski as the Bundesliga side just secured themselves the services of 27-year-old striker Tae-Se Jong.

As Koln is not known for their investments, it’s highly likely that Jong is only there to replace Podolski who has been intensely linked with a transfer to Arsenal ever since the summer transfer window closed.

“We have monitored 20 players and Tae-Se Jong is definitely what we are after,” Cologne’s general manager Volker Finke told BILD.

“The manager (Stale Solbakken) made the decision on what type of striker he was looking for.

“Tae-Se Jong has shown on the biggest stages that he is capable of scoring a lot of goals.”

According to German newspapers, Koln rejected an £8 million offer for Podolski earlier this month coming from Arsenal and also rejected numerous offers coming from Russia.

The German striker admitted his interest in Arsenal at the end of last year, and ever since the press have focused on the possibility of the transfer, so even though the transfer market window is due to close soon a move is still very possible.

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30 thoughts on “Arsenal Get Closer To Signing Podolski As Koln Replace Him

    1. Haha, ya think? I kept reading waiting for that bit of obvious nugget. Unfortunately some will fall for this. If/when, he’s ours not til summer. End of!

  1. Hi gooners, they busy makin money nd leave supporters suffering 7 years. What can we do? Wait and see the new striker can come through so that we can be released a bit. Suffer more years.

  2. yeah, sure as hell we replace a german national-player, moren 90 international matches, worth 20mio€, with a NORTH-KOREAN one who couldn’t score more than 4 goals in the last 15 games …

    we needed a striker, because podolski will be injured for at least 3 games and we have only 3 points to relegation. so we needed someone who could play alongside novakovic.

    let me promise you this: podolski will NEVER transfer this winter to ANY club in the world!

  3. i tink wenger shld buy 1 defender, 1 midfielder nd 1 striker dat is wat arsenal need 4 now in other to conpet in the top 4. gunners 4 life

  4. Where i am, there are only 6 hours remainig. forget about signings this period. wenger said so

  5. Did d boss said so? Forget it. He’s not coming. He’s only injured n needs replacement. Gunner 4ever!!!

  6. wenger do something about the transfer window….sign Podolski and Yann M’Villa. If u know u want to qualify for the next CL.


    1. The fact that he’s injured is the only part of the rumour that makes me believe he’s on his way to Arsenal 😉

  8. Podolski is injured plus Koln are most likely to be relegated or at least be in a relegation battle. I think they realize that Poldi is going to go for sure this time, where to who knows, but the starting striker of one of the best national sides in the world is not going to stay at a Bundesliga 2 club and they know that.

  9. please wenger we the arsenal fans are pleading on you to sell arshavin and buy lucas podolsky and m villa please we beg you in the name of god

  10. Haha, ya think? I kept reading waiting for that bit of obvious nugget. Unfortunately some will fall for this. If/when, he’s ours not til summer. End of!

  11. With all this talk about likely new signings and some of our guys leaving, it makes it all the more vital that we qualify for the CL next season. Otherwise, the attraction to retain players and the bait to attract new entrants will be lost.
    We simply cannot afford to fail.

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