Has Wenger learned from last summer’s farce? Will Arsenal bring in players early?


Many people criticized Arsene Wenger this season and sometimes they were right, especially after Arsenal’s panic buying at the last minute of the transfer window. Wenger’s ambition not to buy anybody and his stubbornness to keep believing that Nasri and Fabregas won’t leave has cost the Gunners a lost season and huge disappointment to their fans.

By the time Wenger realized that Fabregas and Nasri were really leaving it was too late to agree a deal for one of the many players the Gunners wanted, and that lead to a completely missed season and an extension to the six-year trophy drought.

The good thing about the team at the moment is that Wenger seems to have learned his lesson and he isn’t waiting to see whether Robin will leave or not, but acting on it. Besides the fact that he is going to smash through any wage limit to keep him at the club, the Frenchman has already agreed on terms with Podolski and he’s also taking an intense interest in French international striker Giroud.

Hazard is also highly likely to join in the summer, and the Gunners are also reportedly looking to bring in the Brazilian wonderkid Lucas Moura who has already made wonders for the senior national squad despite only being 19.

How do you think Arsenal are going to look next season?

17 thoughts on “Has Wenger learned from last summer’s farce? Will Arsenal bring in players early?

  1. Lets be realistic here, our chances of buying hazard is 10% and even lucas moura. Wenger should act quick on player like souhax’s martin, clint dempsey, osaze, walter samuel, n’zonzi etc.. We do hope we get podolski b4 d euros…

  2. We all put in our `two bobs`worth when it comes to signing players, but as yet we haven`t even been close. Our suggestions often make good sense and in most cases are financially justified yet it never happens. I guess one of the reasons is we don`t know what the hell we are talking about and don`t know the true facts . Wenger looks at a different market to those of the fans and for different reasons, there are other factors other than football that control his thinking.

  3. There’s no substance to any of those transfer claims. All reported, hazard is favourite to join madrid ahead of us, giroud is being looked at by most top clubs. Podolski is all quotes from outside the club and there’s no price agreed. Potentially other clubs have done the same and its not leaked, if we were aloud to talk to him then why not others?

  4. Mario Gotze is a better option than Hazrad in my opinion, we are in more need of a creative/attacking middfielder than some WONDER KID.

    we have plenty of wingers gervinho,walcott, AOC and RYO Miyaichi, thats 4 wingers. 2 are for the NOW and AOC and RYO are for the future who still have much to learn.

    We are struggling for creativity or a good attacking/creative midfielder, rosicky is almost past it, ramsey needs more experience, i think he should be loaned out next season to bolton etc,

    Jan Vertonghen should be bought for his versatilaty to cover 3 postions CB/LB/CDM.

    Podolski/ST should be bought to partner or cover for RVP.

    Mario Gotze/Yohann Goucuff etc should be bought to give us that creativity and an attacking threat through the middle.

    1. lol thanx i will 🙂

      im 30 by the way.

      ramsey is a box to box player, a hard working type player, gotze is a more creative/attacking midfielder, im sure gotze is more technically gifted than ramsey and has a better end product, you guys always slate walcott for end product,

      ramsey/walcott these players are still very young so they still need time to improve and become more consistant and better.

      We cant win things with inexperienced kids that are inconsistant but with QUALITY we can.

      Wenger for the past few years has been bargain basement shopping, like that saying goes you get what you pay for, sad to say where stuck with players like squilachi, denilson, bendtner, chamakh etc, im sure you get what i mean.

  5. HEY who deleted my fifa 11 team ???????, im gonna add Pato, Benzema and maybe even Neymar to that outfit,

    Why dont we guys go for Hulk/porto ????, hes probably one of the best out there in his position.

    (ADMIN COMMENT – I deleted it. This is an Arsenal website not a place to discuss your Computer games. Stick to the subject please)

    We should start bringing some real TOP players to this club, after all this Arsenal Football Club NOT some sunday puub team.

    Does this lack of spending to buy the best show our ambitions as a Club, i mean we never stop selling our Best players, maybe its time we bought some TOP players, its only rightfully what this club deserves.

  6. I’m still to be convinced that it was Wenger who refused to buy any players. Having been in a similar situation to Wenger myself and having to resign my position before the board agreed to some investment, I can see this as possibly what happened especially as Fab & Nasri were sold against Wengers wishes. It took this and a total anihilation by MU for the board to wake up and realise the problems they have caused.

    Wenger will most likely be the scapegoat again in the summer in my view.

    1. i get your point mate, im also thinking what will happen in the summer, all sorts of rumours are flying around that were gonna by this, this and this, in the end we will probably add 2 more kids and a few OAP’s to the books and thats it, pretty sad if you ask me.

      It really saddens me of the kind of ownership we have, they just care about the money, raping the club till its completely detroyed.

      This is a great club, players like Ian Wright and Dennis Bergkamp made me support this club, some of the things they did and could do were just amazing, i guess these are the sad times.

    2. From informed club sources my information about last August is that Wenger did have money to spend and was in no way denied the (much earlier) purchase of players … to give them time for integration. My further information is that he really is extremely obstinate. He enjoys an all powerful position of influence and if he makes up his mind that’s it … nobody will persuade him. It takes a great deal to make him change that view. Perhaps like an 8 / 2 thrashing ?
      Witness the fact that certain coaches at Arsenal actually put together a video to convince him as to why Arsenal needed to buy Scott Parker. To no avail. Spurs picked him up for a song instead.

      1. if what you say is true my friend then wenger has stated that he likes Neymar and if he had the means he would buy him, i dont really get it with wenger, maybe hes just past it and has nobody that can talk some sense into him,

        atleast before we had david dein who would talk and discuss with wenger the type of players to bring to arsenal,

        The truth is were about 3 – 4 top quality players short of being able to compete with the best and seriously challenge for honours BUT to wenger were all good.

      2. Chris,
        I’m sorry but I still don’t believe these stories where someone says my mates brothers mates mate knows such and such. If you told me you were present at the meeting and Wenger said “….” then yes, there is credibility there but I never take any notice of the rumour mill no matter how connected it is. I once had a colleague at work whose friend had a financial interest in Arsenal. The crap I used to hear relating to players we ALREADY have signed etc, well I wont bore you with it but needless to say, it was never the truth.

        As for me, until it becomes public knowledge then I wont believe a word of it. There are so many things that are ‘not in our interests’ to know that this information will only ever be discussed behind closed doors between the board and manager.

      3. And further still Chris,

        It still doesn’t make sense that as Arsenal ended up selling Nasri and Fab when Wenger didn’t want them to leave

  7. Wenger started being stupid not
    last summer, but many summers before that?
    You just started following Arsenal?

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