Napoli swoop for Higuain as Arsenal dither

After weeks and weeks of speculation surrounding a supposed deal that will take Real Madrid want away Gonzalo Higuain from the Spanish Capital to Arsenal, it all seems to have settled in the dust in recent days, with rumours quickly spreading about various reasons why a deal hasn’t been pulled off.

Some reports state that Madrid and Arsenal are haggling over a fee, because apparently Real Madrid have upped their asking price to £30m, which I personally don’t think Arsenal will pay, if true. Whilst others state that Higuain himself is stalling the deal, just in case any other possibilities come up, in which case I think it’s time to leave the Higuain situation because it clearly indicates that the player isn’t over keen on joining Arsenal.

But anyway, away from this and there is some news that we can certainly confirm to be true and that is that Napoli wish to sign Higuain, in light of Arsenal’s struggles to sign the Argentinean. Club officials of the Serie A side suggested that new boss Rafa Benitiez has around £108 million to spend following the sale of Edison Cavani and so if any deal comes down to money then I’m afraid Arsenal have already lost out.

A spokesman said, “It’s true that we’re negotiating for Gonzalo Higuain and Leandro Damiao.The money we got for Cavani was 64.5mil and added to the 60mil we had set aside for the transfer budget there will be 124.5mil to carefully invest on Napoli. There are various names on the table, we’re assessing the situation.”

It seems they are going for both strikers, possibly in hope that one will be willing to join because I have my concerns about the pair being willing to join Napoli. They are certainly looking to take advantage of Arsenal’s slow progress in terms of Higuain however if the newly mooted £30 million price tag is the correct value, then just like previous transfer target Stefan Jovetic, we should not be too bothered about losing the striker. Do you agree, or do Arsenal need to join the clubs like City who pay over the odds in order to get the best players?

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3 thoughts on “Napoli swoop for Higuain as Arsenal dither

  1. How did Arsenal dither in attempt to sign Higuain?
    First we were told a new manager has to approve his signing then the new manager turned out to want him to stay and now we hear(not definite) that Napoli is also in the hunt for a striker after selling Cavani. With all that info tell me how you arrived at the conclusion that Arsenal – often meaning Wenger refused to buy or in anyway dithered?

  2. So far I acn say there’s no problem at all whether Higuan and or Suaraz join Arsenal or not. Who in England have already made marque signings/ Every body is struggling in England as France seem to have overtaken the transfer market. Arsenal can make it in the end.

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