Arjen Robben to Arsenal?

Following Arjen Robben’s well-pulicised fight with the French playmaker Franck Ribery, it has become clear that the Dutch winger is going to leave Bayern Munich, and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that he might come to Arsenal.

Everybody knows that Wenger is looking to further improve Arsenal’s attacking abilities, and Robben is a part of the pair of wingers which is considered to be the best in Europe at the moment along with Frank Ribery.

Robben was just about to sign a contract with Bayern, but after his altercation with Ribery he is now thinking of leaving the club. He said: “Franck knows that he cannot do what he did,”

Wenger Admits Important Transfer Market Activity

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger spoke at the press conference about what people should expect from this year’s summer transfer window, and according to him there’s quite a bit to look up to.

The Frenchman snubbed rumours which were saying that the Gunners are going to be highly active on the transfer market saying that they don’t need a lot of players, because they currently have a large number of quality players and the squad can only hold 25 players.

Will Arsenal break the bank to secure Arjen Robben?

One of Arsenal’s more eccentric transfer targets, Arjen Robben, confirmed again that he’s just as likely to accept a transfer away from Bayern Munich as he is to extend his contract with the Bavarian team.

Arsene Wenger is still looking for offensive reinforcements and Robben is reputed to be one of the best wingers in the world, so a move would be possible if we think that Robben only has one year left of contract.

“It cannot be said that I am 100 per cent certain I will stay with Bayern.” Robben said.

Arjen Robben On His Way To Arsenal?

Bayern Munich’s winger Arjen Robben claims that he is very unhappy at Munich and he can’t wait to find a way out of there. The shocking statement put Premiership giants Arsenal and Chelsea on red alert as they’re rumoured to be highly interested in snatching the star winger in the summer.

“I am now considering the options I have and I will get.” Robben said. “It was great to play at Wembley and to see many people I know. It was only my second international game for Holland since the World Cup and it was great that this was in London at Wembley.”