Wenger – Aaron Ramsey is just going through a bad patch! Really???


The young Welsh captain Aaron Ramsey came back from a horrific injury last year and all Arsenal fans feel sorry for the way his development was so cruelly interrupted, but his performances this season have simply highlighted his need for some psychological training to regain his former confidence.

I fully understand Arsene Wenger thinking that the Arsenal midfielder needs some game-time to help him regain his former glory, but I question why Wenger continues to put him in the starting line-up in games that are simply must-win games for the Gunners.

Yesterday he made some wild tackles, and missed a couple of chances at open goals, which was fairly predictable given his recent form, but Wenger yet again defended him after the game.

Wenger said: “He was unlucky with the first booking, it was a good tackle. It is part of learning your job, you have to deal with all kinds of situations and he will do that. He is very strong mentally and is going through a difficult period at the moment. But he will come off that stronger.”

So that tells me that Wenger is well aware of Ramsey’s problems, but still he decided to start him ahead of the promising Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, in fact the newest Arsenal star must be seriously wondering why he is on the bench while Ramsey blunders his way through every game.

So why is Wenger persisting with a player that is so obviously out-of-form in such important matches?

30 thoughts on “Wenger – Aaron Ramsey is just going through a bad patch! Really???

  1. Arsene MUST leave !!
    Such arrogant stubborn approach and playing such rubbish players is the reason we are so crap.
    It’s disgusting.
    Ramsy must be sold.
    Fans who accept such a player deserve 5th and must be humiliated.
    No club with real desire and ambition accepts and tolerates such pathetic players like Ramsy and co.
    This is the price you pay !!!!

    1. People like you make my blood boil. Sack Wenger?! I think some people should start to fully appreciate what him, and the team have done this year. And also what he has done in EVERY year since being manager. You are a plastic, ridiculous excuse of a fan that is only there when we are winning. What would’ve been your reaction today if we had won yesterday? Your a fool, please sod off and go support somebody else because you are a nonce.

      1. I am 100% in support of what GunnerNate said, Wenger must leave Arsenal both Ramsey , even song is a lousy player he is inconsistent non of the players inspired me accept kosceny, we need more experienced players.

      2. Exactly right. Lot of hysterical cowards who think running a football club is like Fantasy manager.

      3. Hey we are tired of excuses every season Wenger has put us in forth place, we should be grateful, Clearly every season Arsenal keeps moving backwards. In a few years time we shall be saying at least we are in 6th place. Arsenal is meant to be fighting for trophies.Not 4th place. The team lacks character, come on stop being defensive Arsenal is in free fall!

        1. You keep saying release Wenger, but then why you don’t give us a name on who will replace him

  2. Before we suggest replacing Wenger lets look at Kroenke and his board of directors. What subsequent manager could be successful without a significant change in the boardroom? Usmanov (like or dislike) is Arsenal`s only hope for the future which means a return of Dein (CEO Red and White Holdings). Wenger has his short comings and it`s very questionable whether or not he should still be in control but removing him could create an even bigger problem.

  3. well when I watch Arsenal playing, I was thingking :

    Why when the opponent use badass tactics (press hard tackle hard and counter hard) against us, the team totally look clueless?

    And why Arsenal team always keep the usual tactics! I mean, come on, when you faced 10 opponents with the same goddamn tactics you usually search for counter tactics right? Especially when you “usually” on the weak side…

    Right, I am no football tactician or sort, but for the whole month I was desperately watching Arsenal being toyed around with same tactic! At least I presume there is something wrong with our play style or training or something?

    1. Wenger has no other tactics and all his tactics are known already, he is an old man, football today is totally changed and wenger is still blind.

  4. Our problem wenger n our solution is egually wenger if he ammends hz ways.hw can self acclaim gud coach is toying with great club like arsenal year in year out goshhhh.Simple question y ramsey ahead of chamberlain?Ramsey hs no clue in arsenal n shld move 2 smaller club with immediate effect.Wenger shld jst stp gathery fringe players in our big club.We shld sack wenger if we did not qualify third in the league.Enough is enough Dimateo ofysterday jst wone a cup

  5. Ramsey is having a shocker and needs a loan to get his head straight, fans will massacre him worse next season for any game we lose that he plays, worse than they treated Arshavin and boo any mistake he makes.
    I blame Wenger for yesterday’s loss. Glad he’s upset with the defending, we’ve been upset for months when he blamed the ref.
    I have never seen a team leading with 5 mins to go playing so open, surely Man U would’ve had 10 men behind the ball, sat deep and run the ball to the corner when it comes lose?
    Song, Gibbs and TV’s style causes problems at the back. Too concerned with attacking and not been where they’re needed. 3 defensive players not correctly positioned, what do you expect.

  6. Spot on, Indonesian!
    Chelsea have done exactly what Wenger refuses to do.
    Playing experienced players and putting a stronger emphasis on defensive stability.
    Hopefully with Steve Bould in no.2 spot next season ,we will see some improvement.

  7. Well I shall not start by blaming Aaron, firstly I’ll like all d dumb Arsenal fans especially in d UK to really sit down and ask themselves why they have not booed Arsene or Ramsey or Chamak or diaby or djorou or walcot or Gibbs or gervinho the same way they booed Asharvin? Plus if these useless dumba ass fans don’t know, Arsene will be a very wealthy man by d time u finally decide to fire his dumb ass. “He and d Board” r smiling home year in year out with huge chunks of quid in their accounts while we moan and sob year in year out. It’s just a big shame. Aaron Ramsey playing for Arsenal what a laugh, he’s not even qualified to play for the reserve. Did u see the young boys playing for the oppposition yesterday, playing like brazillians and yet Arsene gives excuses everyday as to why he’s foolishly and stubbonrly playing Aaron and his useless group week in week out, it’s such a big shame. I rest my case…….. But know this all u useless Gunners “especially in the UK” continue to be foolish and soon no good player will want to come to Arsenal FC…. And by then Arsene wil leave willingly to become a board member in one of d French side(PSG)……RIP Arsenal

  8. In many occasion wenger is the one killing the striength of this team.bcos of this ramsey, puting him in starting XI the have perform wrongly in of matches. Now the team has fall into a pit, is let for him to sought out this team. And that ramsey should be sold for better players to have chance.

  9. So why is Wenger persisting with a player that is so obviously out-of-form in such important matches???? Ramsey you mean???? And it is becos ramsey is the national footbal captain for wales. But he is no good for arsenal fc what a shame…he need to be offloaded

  10. Same old scenario of Denilson is repeating again on Ramsey.
    Ramsey has huge huge psycological problem and it is ther for all to see.
    I was watching very carefully our last game against Stoke.
    It was his first day back in that slaughtering field after his first massacre against the same butchers.
    The expectation from the fan on this showdown is clear.
    Either 100% Brave or
    absolute rubbish and lame.

    You cannot pretend for 90 min and full the fans.That is impossible.Running endlessly behind the ball nor is tactical or intellectuall.

    I would expect from you as a Captain of your country and an Arsenal player that has been hurt immensely on the hand of this morons at least come with some ungry, rough, rude approach.Give the referee a hard time on controlling you .
    Who would blame you even if you get a red card ?
    But all i saw is your endless running like a headless chicken.
    In that rest the case not on Ramsey but those around you.They did not make you or advise you to be man.
    In this we have to look at the big picture.Equally the men behind the scene wich are responsible to look after the attitude and behaviour of players.
    Probably they will tap him at his back after the game saying “oh well done boy …you came unscatched this time…”
    Simply to many mediocre player in every sense of football are hanging around .
    Serious surgery is needed.

  11. has wenger been to another football match to watch other play.. fergie has.. does wenger have a game plan or just simply tells his players to ‘do your best’..

  12. Arsenal british fans are very bias…Its been months now that Ramsey is being an obvios liability to has already weal arsenal side but they lookmfor all sorts of excuses…from him being out of form to Gary speeds death…to be honest with you aside from a fluck or 2 from time to time there is nothing special about Ramsey…have you asked the question as to why wenger beat Alex to him…wenger usually beats no one to players..Alveraz and mata are good examples.Ramsey should be sold and the way he is playing at present that will be a very difficult thing to do

  13. Wenger is paid more than Alex Ferguson, Arsenal have the most expensive tickets in the league and silver membership is going up again next year. We post massive profits every year and have a surplus of floating cash. We have one of the biggest squads in the league and despite having very few quality players we still have the 4th highest wage bill. This year we have lost 10 games, 2 more than last year which was a bad year anyway, this year we have conceded 47 goals, a new record under Wenger.

    I love Arsene, but he absolutely must change course if he wants Arsenal to start winning trophies again – dropping out of the Champions League will lose us around £40 million a year, Newcastle have shown this year you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to change your fortunes, but you must have players you can use every week, not players like Park or Chamakh who aren’t trusted enough to play in any important games.

    1. every year wenger scouts players he wants but as soon as there is interest from other clubs, we can’t compete financially, that isn’t wengers fault, he posts profits every year, the board must give him money, and not just transfer money, wage money. We have the 4th highest wage bill in EPL and we are 3rd or 4th this is expected as we have the 4th highest wages. Man U, City, Chelsea, spend more than we do. Wenger is paid more because he has done more for his club. He has built a stadium and he took us from not even being in the top 20 in terms of wealth to being top 4 and the way its going we will soon topple all including Utd in terms of wealth. So why can’t wenger spend on players, simple the board isn’t giving him the cash. Ferguson at Arsenal would be crap, this is just fact because barring the oil billions of City and Chelsea Man U has consisitently spent more on transfers and paid more on wages than Arsenal since 1990 and they have more debt even though we have built a new stadium. They have bought all their players in recent times but they still rely on the golden era giggs and scholes, that doesn’t make sense. Give Wenger Manchesters money and board and the difference would be huge. Don’t blame Wenger, blame the board

  14. I have said several tym, there is never a time we start ramsey in our match and get 3 point eccept one match since january. Wenger knows this fact, i remember a period he stop using him, we won more than 6 matces consecutively and that was when we came above tot. In the table. He start him again ac they beat us at san siro he bench at emirate we beat them, against tot we beat them, against new castle we beat them, agaist man city we beat them also. What prove does this shameles wenger to understand ramsey is realy a badluck to us.

    1. Toye you are very right. Ramsey is just not good enough. Wenger is exposing him too much at the expense of his confidence. Ramsey may become another Denilson. I wonder if the same fans who are defending Ramsey defended Denilson in the same breath.

  15. ramsey clearly was awful against norwich.
    the reason why we’re stuttering at end of the season is the loss of arteta. he made the team click. ramsey is talented, but his mid-season injury derailed the development that he showed at the start of the season. he just doesn’t have the spatial awareness that arteta has or that fabregas showed when he was with us. his finishing is also quite poor for a midfielder who supposedly excels at the attacking phase more than the defensive one. his lack of effort at the defensive end merited a half time substitution.

  16. l would just like to say to all you so called arsenal supporters get a grip. your to soon to put blame on others arsene has done a great job this season look were we are are you blind hes done a great job after a bad start and to lose players of the quality we had he tried to keep them. lm sure arsene will keep robin you all know and arsene knows we need to add to our defence and mid field we have now done at the front with the likes of jack comming back and per m ,arteta we are so close to a very good strong team who can win. so come on get behind the team and stop pulling them to pieces

  17. Sacking Wenger wud be the worst decision ever and about Ramsey,I think he is a player who gives everything he has on the field.I think he should be loaned for a year.

    1. Christiano Ronaldo was crap for 2 years at the begining, look at him now. For a playyer to develop you have to play them, even fabregas wasn’t zidane when he 1st came as a player. Ramsey needs time and the verdict is still out on Wilshere as he played well when fabregas and nasri were still there. We will see next year if he is really good or great but the fact remains for him to develop he has to be played. Just because Arsenal is having a bad year doesn’t mean we have to stop developing youngsters.

  18. ramsey is not a team player & he always delay his passes,like the second goal we concided against norwich he was just escorting the player instead of him to hack him down.a top team like arsenal we should not be losing ten matches in a season,please le prof don’t you think you loss your rythm?there are some players that you put so much faith & hope in them but yet they are not paying you back & they don’t want to grow up,please get ride of such players & get some new players that can revive & rejuvenate back our able team to its rythm again.

  19. Far out… if you don’t like Arsenal or the way they go about their football, choose a different team. Aaron Ramsey is young, inexperienced and returning from a potential career ending injury. He’s being played out of position and he still gives his all, week in week out. It would also be nice if some of you spent less time giving uninformed opinions and more time working on your English, I can barely understand half of you.

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