Wenger practically admits that Van Persie will leave Arsenal this summer


When I found this quote from Arsene Wenger I was a little unsure to whether the Arsenal boss was simply preparing the fans for the loss of Van Persie at the end of the season, or if he really believed that Arsenal could win the Premiership and have the Dutchman sign a new contract at the same time.

Now that Arsenal have lost to Fulham and are now four defeats worse off than the two Manchester clubs I am certain it is the former, and Van Persie is now practically certain to move on to pastures new in the summer.

Wenger was simply asked what Arsenal needed to do to keep Van Persie at the club next season, and he replied: “Continue to improve and be capable to fight for the top of the league. Robin is an ambitious player and when you have his quality of course you want him to do that.

“If you look at the run of all of the teams from games five to 19 we are not behind anybody so, if we can continue to improve and get our injured players back, we might have a strong enough squad.”

As Man City and Man Utd have lost just four games between them in the first half of the season, and Arsenal have lost SIX, then the Gunners now have to remain unbeaten for the rest of the term, while the two Manchester teams need to lose four games EACH just to give the Gunners a fighting chance of finishing above either of them.

Hands up anyone who thinks that is likely to happen?

17 thoughts on “Wenger practically admits that Van Persie will leave Arsenal this summer

  1. I think it is based on next seasons prospects. If Robin believed we had the squad to win in 2012/13 season he would still sign a contract.

    We still have the chance to win the FA cup, that would prove something.


  2. Do they both need to lose four games? Do u not lose points for draws anymore? How can u be ‘certain’ its the latter? To ne honest if he does go, so what? Hes done a lot for us and the money we get from him will go on someome else. We’re van persie supporters, were gooners!

  3. Van Persie will stay if Arsenè buy good players, i’m sure he is going to buy both in january that in the summer. Please stop throw shit on Arsenal. What about Moussa Sow?

  4. If he isnt going to sign wenger should be looking to sign a world class striker in january to get used to the prem. If no one is signed then maybe we no longer have ambition.

    1. please name a world class striker ? and i mean world class , not the average run of the mill that sprout on these blogs.
      then name a club with these world class strikers that willing to sell in januaray, for a reasonable prize ….answer none same reason arsenal will not think off selling rvp to man city.

  5. this is a rubbish story, mainly because every one who really follows arsenal will of known rvp on his way from arsenal, one reason being it the only time in his career that he hasn’t decided to have his mid season holiday in holland oops (sorry been injured) another one is he not even talking bout renewing his contract and has said keeps saying how loyal he’s been at arsenal, which actually means in real terms as this” i been at arsenal a long time now and won nothing , so it time i went else where ,annd earn more money say like manchester or some where warmeer like barcelona, what ever it is i got to show these clubs i’m not injury prone so that they come and get me in june”
    thats what he means by being loyal and why he not been injured this season.

  6. you have written scrap. Arsene & the board has the opportunity to rectify mistakes which occurred at the beginning of the season by signing players or to worsen it by continually ignoring supporters request. but still, wait until they fail to secure a CL sport for the reality to set in.

    1. a tad knee-jerk. sitting just outside the top 4, with players like Wilshere to come back. im pretty convinced that we’re going to be a very dangerous team when he’s back.
      long way to go and i’d say we’re the form side of the competition at the moment despite the fulham result. lighten up. plenty of upside and the club is going in the right direction.

  7. Wenger MUST buy world class strikers to keep RvP at Arsenal. RvP have enough presure on his shoulders someone most help him to lift Arsenal. Remember ”We are not a one man’s team”

    ”Victoria concordia cresit” -” Victory grows out of harmony”

  8. He should leave
    look what cesc achieved ha no point in stayin in a team where only the fans want a trophy not the bord or the manager who keeps changin gold with bronze

  9. Why would Wenger say these things when he has already previously said that our chance to win the EPL is lost after our loss to Man City…I also don’t understand how you can think Wenger insinuates that RVP will leave from those quotes…Every player that plays wants to win championships, it’s what makes them competitive…I think RVP knows that his best footballing years are NOW, he is 27 or so in age so realistically he will be THIS productive for maybe 2-3 more years before his legs start to give out….Having that said, I hope he resigns with Arsenal for the rest of his career….he’s broken records this season and it is obvious that Wenger is trying to build the team around him, hopefully Van Persie sees that and decides to stay, but I believe of all the people that have left Arsenal, Van Persie is one that will remain loyal to his club! GOOD TO BE A GOONER!

  10. I hae mentioned before that if wenger don’t buy quality players arsenal will not qualify for champions league and I said I believe RVP will leave the club. This is not surprising. That is why wenger should leave now and find someone like Mourinho to rebuild arsenal. wenger does not own arsenal and besides he has been going now for about six years now without a trophy

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