Arsenal fans are used to disappointment in the transfer market, but were not expecting it this summer. But the best part of two months have passed since the end of the Premier League season, and the only new player the Gunners have signed is the 20-year old Yaya Sanogo, who was playing in the French second division last season.

Arsene Wenger has assured the fans, however, and restated his intention to bring some top players into the club before the next season starts a month from now. To be honest, we know that transfers are sometimes complicated and time consuming procedures. It is understandable that Arsenal fans are concerned, though, because we have suffered in recent years. Wenger is well aware of that and that is why he was more forthcoming than usual.

He said, “We have better financial resources than the years before and we have created that ourselves. That is massively important to us.

“We will see what we can do until the end of the transfer period and certainly before the new season starts. That’s what we are working on at the moment.

“The fans, the players, and everybody, is reassured by big names. But what is important is that we don’t need numbers, we need quality.”

Some fans may be worried that Wenger said a similar thing about quality versus quantity last summer and in January, but Arsenal are in a better position financially now. Wenger did not have the money to buy the quality that he needed before, but now he has. I do not mind if Arsenal only get two or three more players, as long as those players are top quality, like Gonzalo Higuain. Wenger will not mind waiting for Real Madrid to release the striker, because he knows that he is worth the wait.

17 thoughts on “Wenger tells Arsenal fans to have faith on top transfers

  1. Same old story no quality available on the market same old crap. Suarez,fellani,dembele, aguero , benteke were at one time available on the market but we bought no one .no one is good enough for us. The only gossip that come to fruition about arsenal is when its about us selling players

  2. Ȋ̝̊̅ Still don’t believe him. He use to lie to us b4 and i don’t sees him change. the only surprise am expecting is for him to buy. if not its normal we are use to it

  3. I don’t trust dis guy @ all! We r waiting as usual its not new any more! Scum bag Wenger

  4. Wenger should sign the right quality players, we fans are not interested in his usual preaching.

  5. Mostly muppets commenting so far.
    They seem to thing buying quality football players is as easy as going to the “Quality Football Players” aisle in a supermarket.

    1. other clubs who r not in the top 4 r going to the aisle of supermarket and still buying quality addition mcginis!

  6. Save d crap enough of d repetition just pick up d phone n open d moneybag.if d money is avialable why sit on it n play waiting game

  7. Save d crap enough of d repetition just pick up d phone n open d moneybag.if d money is avialable why sit on it n play waiting game am don wating

  8. We the fans are the most patriotic customers of the same circus show that has been on for years now. The ambition of Wenger and the board is still no bigger than Champions league qualification. Same ol’ bullocks….so so SAD!!!

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