Will Arsenal regret letting Napoli complete transfer of Higuain

The inevitable news is almost official as reports beginning to suggest that Real Madrid and Argentina international striker Gonzalo Higuain, will sign for Serie A side Napoli this summer, after the deal with Arsenal stalled over financial issues.

Higuain was a long term target for Arsene Wenger’s side and although the true legitimacy of the many stories available, it would seem that although we managed to agree personal terms and an agreement over a price, Madrid’s decision to increase their asking price, seemed to be the nail in the coffin for Arsenal pursuit of the 25 year old.

Asking for something in the excess of £30 million, it seems Wenger was not willing to part with that amount for Higuain and therefore is left with his other targets including Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, who now seems to be a real possibility for the Gunners, after they seemed to make the Uruguayan the club’s number one their main target for the summer.

Back to Higuain and it is today being reported that Higuain is joining Napoli this summer, with several European media outlets suggesting the move has already been completed between the two clubs. Higuain landed in Italy and now looks set to have a medical in the coming days. The deal includes a €37 million transfer fee, plus an additional €3 million in performance-based variables.

I personally don’t see why Wenger stalled so much on the price bearing in mind that he is now supposedly willing to spend £40+ million on the ever controversial Luis Suarez. It’s a disappointment to seemingly lose out on Higuain, although it’s not official. It’s a disappointment because he was really keen to join the Gunners but the club’s decision to stall on the price proves to be the end of the road for Arsenal. A top talent who was actually a real bargain at £20m and £30 million still isn’t bad, but for what he could offer perhaps Suarez has been the better choice all along. We are going to look very silly if the Suarez deal falls through now.

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2 thoughts on “Will Arsenal regret letting Napoli complete transfer of Higuain

  1. I think that Suarez is better than Higuain in pure football terms. I am not surprised that Wenger seem to prefer the former. With good coaching and in a proper environment where chances are created in abundance, I see him replicate his outstanding performance at Ajax where he scored more goals than his number of appearances. Only Messi and Ronaldo have achieved that in recent times.

  2. Probably. A bit like when the Bolton chairman gave publicity to Arsenal’s negotiations over Cahill. Wenger walked away in disgust.

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