Between Arsenal and North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur, the transfer news has been heavily dominated by the lot down the lane, with both very talented players coming to White Hart Lane and also the saga of the one player that everyone laps up, Gareth Bale.

Bale has been touted all summer to leave Spurs; however his push for Real Madrid still hasn’t gone through with just 3 days left in the transfer window. Sky Sports News reported yesterday that Bale had finally agreed terms with the Spanish club, whilst it’s unsure if a fee has been agreed or not. But that aside, Sky Sports News also stated that information suggested Tottenham official Daniel Levy has not sanctioned the sale of Bale to Madrid yet for two reasons.

One, so Bale can play in the North London Derby tomorrow, despite not featuring for Spurs yet. And two, so Madrid refuse to sell any of their players to Arsenal before the North London Derby! It was understood that Arsenal were in talks to sign a number of Real Madrid players, with enquiries for Angel Di Maria, Karim Benzema and Mesut Ozil, with either the respective players or their agents, talking about the rumours.

Real Madrid have reportedly made it very clear that they will be open to negotiations over these players, according to AS and Marca, but only once the transfer of Gareth Bale is secured, and so in a clever tactic that is slightly unsportsmanlike, Daniel Levy refuses to let Bale go until after the derby. Not only does this mean we won’t have any of these players for the game, but it’s also increasingly unlikely we will get them at all, with so little time left in the window.

It is a very clever tactic by Levy, although it is strewed and unsportsmanlike if you’re honest. But then again Spurs are in a powerful position where they have a lot of control. But this could also all fall back and hit Levy in the face because Perez could then make it certain that he strengthens Arsenal, in spite of Spurs’ actions.
I know this seems like an article that revolves around Spurs, and to be honest, it very much is, however it relates to Arsenal quite importantly and so I thought it would be a good debate to see what others thought on the matter.

4 thoughts on “Did Spurs delay Bale so Arsenal had no Madrid players for derby?

  1. Quite probably. Arsenal are naive in matters of transfers and top football politics. We may beat Spurs tomorrow but over an entire season with this remaining quad we have no chance. AND let us be perfectly clear …. it is down to Wenger … NOT the Board.

  2. For many years I worked on street in Germany and as far I remember there was some venders who use to selling sunglasses and they all was emigrant from Israel, if there was some venders that came from some where else those Israelis vender would sell sunglasses to very very cheap price then other out coming venders could not sell their sunglasses because they already bought them expensive then they had to left the town as soon as they was gone the price for sunglasses would rose up to normal and there were no competitor any more. First of all I must to say this that I am not against any race and I am not a racist and I understand there is lot of money involve in this business you have to be clever and Arsenal pay for their lack of sense of business, why should we hell always be in this situation that there is always if or maybe , I just do not understand all player we are connected to are almost impassible to get and at the same time we come with our funny offers like 40+1 if Tottenham really is do that with Arsenal I am not surprise because they don’t need money and if Bail stay they will just be stronger but don’t worry we have Bentner to safe us!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I have to admit I am agree with Wenger that we have quality enough but we need more quality which we are not able or we will not to bring in. Lets hope we can survive also this season and se what there will happened because I have very bad feeling about Wengers policy of transfers window, the only think keep me to be positive is our injured will come back sooner and hope Sanoga will adapt as quick as possible.

  3. Chris, nice Spurs love there.

    If we had another 5 long term injuries we would still finish above Spurs.

    If Spurs have delayed the transfer then some respect has to be nodded their way. It’s strategically clever. It’s about winning and throwing everything at a problem is what you need to do. A few year ago Spurs could have been relegated on the last day if we let our opponent win. We could have sent the kids out to play, put a youth goalkeeper in goal, etc, but Wenger sent out a strong team and we won.

    So now Wengers weak resolve is coming back to haunt him. If Spurs were relegated, they would not be in the position they are now. I would have sent out a weak side and relegated them. I think the side we played was Ipswich.


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